Friday, January 6, 2017

renniebird... sixteen months

about a week ago my girl turned sixteen months!  since her first birthday i haven't been super diligent with doing a monthly photo-shoot on the 28th, just randomly capturing new things and special moments.  this last month though i did take a few pictures on the exact day she turned a month older so i thought i would share them along with an update!

at sixteen months, serenity:

wears 2t and 3t clothing

came in at the 98th percentile at her last checkup (a couple of months ago)

weighs 31 pounds
wears size 5 diapers
LOVES baby signing time and the veggie tale theme song
has the prettiest singing voice... 
talks/sings to herself
signs/says please and thank you (still working on "excuse me")
knows over 20 words/signs (and many more that she uses occasionally)
still loves nursing 
is doing better and better with regular food
asks to brush her teeth almost daily
loves to wash her hands
helps mommy put laundry in the dryer and oma load the dishwasher
favorite words are "opa" (name for andrew's dad) and "up" (said to mommy constantly)
dances to music
counts "one, toooooo, tweeeee!" (it's a game right now)
identifies parts of the body, the nose being her favorite!
runs and climbs (on everything!)
colors with crayons (and only tries sticking them in her mouth half of the time)
is down to one nap a day
doesn't like to sit still YET:
gives the best hugs, kisses, and snuggles!


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