Thursday, July 7, 2016

roses are red (but mostly pink)... outfit post

Don't you just love the hampers in the background?  Real life, people!  :-D

Blue Floral Shirt ~ Ross
Gray Crocheted Capri ~ Ross
Flower Sandals ~ Walmart
Pink Vintage-Inspired Earrings ~ Walmart

I have been scoring with clothes at Ross lately.  *happy dance*  I had to guess with this shirt since when I found it Serenity was asleep in her sling (which I was wearing at the time) and I ended up buying it without trying it on first (breaking one of my "never ever break this one!" rules of clothes shopping).  Thankfully it all turned out and I LOVE it!  I am always so thankful when I can find a shirt that can be dressed up or down.  AND I don't have to layer it (unless, of course, I plan on breastfeeding in a semi-public setting, in which case I would wear a cami underneath for added coverage).
These pants are another amazing find for vintage/boho-loving me.  They are comfortable with that touch of whimsy.  They were the ONLY pair left on the rack and I was certain they were too small for me (the size definitely was!).  This brand must love me though, since they fit like a dream!  *eep!*

My hairstyle is just a simple braiding back of the front portion of my hair (something I do several times a week when I'm not rocking a mom bun *wink!*) with the rest of my hair just left natural.

How would you classify your "style"?
Mine would be a mixture of vintage, boho, minimalist, and comfort!

Is there a certain go-to hairstyle that you use?
For me that would be mom bun, braid, or bangs twisted back!


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Tane Hannah said...

Stunning outfit! And you're such a pretty girl, darling, with a great sense of style. ;)

-T. x