Saturday, June 4, 2016

may adventures

Oh, last month was amazing.
So many hugs, smiles, long conversations, and cups of coffee.  I saw my sister, Jessie, promise her forever to a dear young man.  I watched my daughter come alive with the excitement that is living with eight+ other people and a large pack of dogs.  I was embraced in all of my imperfection, loved and cherished by people who know me better than most.

There is something incredible about being with your *people*.  <3

There was crazy.
Like travelling with a baby without Andrew.  Serenity was a trooper and we made it with only minor hiccups (and thankfully Andrew was able to join us in Indiana a bit later).

There was emotional.
Like a wedding.  And all that entails.  (Congratulations, Jacob and Jessie!  Love you both!)

There was silly.
Like oversize sunglasses and photo-booths.  Like quoting favorite movies a bit excessively.

There was life. 
Like a fussy baby who just isn't used to noise.  Like a birthday party.  

Living far from family means missing out.  I don't get to be present for most birthdays and I will miss my sister, Natalie's, graduation open house this month.  It is hard.  The nearly-two-weeks I spent in Indiana was full of soaking in the things I usually miss.  It was wonderful getting to help decorate for the wedding reception, shop for a bachelorette party, go to coffee with ladies from church, and just sit and listen to the voices of my loved ones.

I also got to spend time with Andrew.  His work here in Utah is demanding.  We are lucky to get a couple hours together a day.  To be able to hang out with him and have unlimited access was incredible.  And seeing him interact with Rennie so much made this mommy's heart smile.

To share my daughter with my family was probably the best blessing of all.  She changes daily and is so-very sweet.  To see others love on her was beautiful.

Bottom photo credit to Emily!!!
Emily, thank you for capturing this!!!!  It is one of my favorites EVER!

I also got a catch up with people I hadn't seen in years, one of whom was my best friend growing up who now has a hubby and two kids of her own.  Seeing her and meeting her newest baby (who shares a birthday with Rennie) was priceless!

Leaving was the hardest it has ever been.  Love hurts sometimes, but is worth it. 

The next big milestone in our lives is Serenity's birthday, which is less than three months away (whaaaaaaaaaat?)!  In the meantime, surviving the heat will be my main focus (97 degrees yesterday).

What were your May highlights???



Hannah Barta said...

I know, there IS something about being with your "people" :) <3

Rennie is so cute and you are glowing with joy, Rachel. Congratulations to your sister on her marriage!

I hope you survive the heat. Where I live in Eastern Washington State it was 90 degrees yesterday and supposed to be about as hot today!

Daughter by His Grace said...

Love. Love. LOVE. <3