Wednesday, June 22, 2016

wedding season... outfit post

floral blouse - thrifted
pale blue skirt - ross
brown sandals - walmart
butterfly earrings - made by me

Oh my, this last weekend was fun!
Between a friend's lovely wedding and Andrew celebrating his first *Happy* Father's Day, there wasn't a dull moment!

I wore this outfit to the wedding and, I must say, this skirt is probably my very favorite of any I own currently!  It is SUPER soft.  I adore the color.  And the fairy-tale feel the uneven hem brings makes it absolutely perfect.  I have been wearing my favorite gray maxi skirt SO much since having Rennie and it has been wonderful having another option that is every bit as comfortable!
My blouse is a tried-and-true I found several years ago which, thankfully, still fits!

For my hair, I just pony-tailed it at the top of my head, curled it in four large sections, then pulled it down and clipped back the front.  I love that hair-curling method as it is the quickest I have found and, now that my hair is growing out again, works really well!

What is your favorite way to curl your hair?  Do you have a favorite skirt (or clothing item in general)?


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Dani Jeanne said...

Rachel, you are so adorable! That skirt is absolutely exquisite. I love skirts/dresses with uneven hem lengths.

I will have to try that method of curling my hair now that my hair is starting to grow out as well. I usually section out my hair and then curl in individual, smaller curls. But as my hair gets longer, it's more practical to use a larger curling iron/curls.

Thanks so much for sharing! Last weekend I was in a friend's wedding and I am not sure if there is a happier and more joyous occasion than a wedding. :D

Dani xoxo
a vapor in the wind