Tuesday, May 31, 2016

renniebird... nine months


this monthly update on Serenity comes several days late and will hopefully soon be followed by one or two posts showing why I have been absent from my dear blog lately.
my sister got married!

those four words add up to being out-of-state for almost half the month, tons of wonderful prep work, visiting, and then travelling back to Utah and returning to our normal routine.  hence these pictures are being posted today instead of last saturday.  ;-)

ohhhhh... her squishy-ness!!!  

at nine months, Serenity:

babbles and laughs constantly

is crawling at lightning speed
can go from sitting to standing without using my hands or furniture!
stands on her own quite often
weighs 26 pounds
wears 18-24 month clothing (and size 4 diapers)
plays pat-a-cake!
waves at people
loves hugs
is very curious
has two new teeth (making a total of six)
enjoys more and more different foods (especially blueberries!)!
squeals and jumps up and down when Andrew gets home from work
has taken up to six steps on her own!!!

aaaaaand is currently pulling on me, chewing on my leg, and fussing to be held, making this a short-but-sweet update.  ;-)


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Dani Jeanne said...

Rennie. Is. So. Big. And completely mobile!

Congrats to your sister! Weddings with sisters are the best and make for some of the most beautiful memories. ^.^

Dani xoxo
a vapor in the wind