Wednesday, February 10, 2016

dear little fairy-mine,

sweet serenity faye,

even saying your name holds so much meaning to me.  your first name means "peace-filled", which was what i desperately needed to be while carrying you inside.  i started out so full of fear and with each day as you grew, i filled with you... and with peace.
your middle name has two meanings.  one is "confidence".

those name-meanings became my prayer for your daddy and me as your parents, but even more so for you.  that you will one day walk in peace, being confident in our Lord as your Savior.

so, there is the spiritual side of your name... your mommy had to slip in a bit of whimsy as well though.

the other meaning for your middle name is "fairy".

and you are...
 my sweet little fairy-girl.

you are making my dreams come true.
you are a treasure and i am so blessed to be your mommy.

tiara i wore on my wedding day


you brighten my every moment.  i could explode with the love i hold for you.  seriously girl, it hurts sometimes!

you look at me every day with eyes of such true, untainted affection.  you smile and laugh at my silliness.  there is no judgement in you, only adoration. 

i am going to mess up.  i will not always love you the way you need me too.  in a moment of weariness, stress, or just pure humanity, i will show you my imperfection.  and eventually you will grow old enough to see it.
i pray that, despite my failings, we will always come back to this place of love.

i pray i will be humble enough to admit that "mommy messed up" and that our souls will already be so entwined that you will forgive and squeeze tight this woman who desperately wants to hold your heart.

i pray that i will always be real to you... and that my humanity will point you to the only One who is able to give me any success in being your mommy.

darling baby-love,

i have been blessed to grow up under the strong love of my own mommy (and daddy!).  she is now one of my dearest friends.  i see what i have with her and dearly hope that one day i can have the same with you.  these days we are already best buddies, but for that to blossom over the years into a strong sisterhood through our love for each other and Jesus would be the fulfillment of my deep longings.  

you are precious-beyond-words to me... perfect in sweetness and beauty...
i can't wait to see how the Lord grows you.

i know you will be simply spectacular!

little bird,

what more can i say?  as i hold your tiny-but-growing-so-quickly form against me, i am overwhelmed with the beautiful privilege it is to have you in my life.

i promise to love you every single day as long as i live.  i will never stop thanking God for you and endeavoring to point you toward Him.  as much as i love you, He does infinitely more! 

you are my treasure, rennie faye!

love, mommy


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Anonymous said...

I love this so. much. And her. And you.