Friday, January 29, 2016

renniebird... five months

Oh, little button, slow down!

This sweet love turned five months old yesterday.  Every day she grows in size, beauty, and sweetness!

At five months, Serenity:

weighs over twenty-one pounds
wears twelve-month clothes
is ticklish
giggles so hard she snorts
has found her feet
can scoot her walker
doesn't know what to think about bath time
sees something she wants and GRABS it (daddy's beard is a favorite)
likes watching her nails being trimmed
has TWO teeth (front bottom)
wants everything to be in her mouth
loves the sound of crinkling paper or plastic bags
gives amazing, sloppy kisses (be still my heart!)

Andrew and I continue to be utterly smitten and fall deeper in love with her each moment.  Rennie definitely has her grumpy times (erm... days), but just one smile or some sleepy snuggles makes everything worthwhile.  

Hope you have all had a blessed week, my friends!


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Hannah Barta said...

What a beautiful girl you have <3 So happy for you and Andrew and the way God is working through you two.

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