Monday, October 26, 2015


It has finally begun to cool down in the desert of southern Utah.  As someone who grew up in the Midwest, where trees thrive and turn into every color imaginable this time of year, I can struggle with the warm (sometimes hot) days of a western "autumn" and the lack of color since bushes and tumbleweeds lack diversity.  ;-)
But October is my favorite month.  And I am determined to keep it so.

My home is my sanctuary.  In it I am able to preserve the autumn-ness so dear to my heart.  So, I light my sweet pumpkin pastry candle and sip hot coffee from my fox mug, pretending for a few hours that it is cool enough for my oversize sweater (and then shedding it, along with my socks, when it becomes a bit too warm).

Am I allowed to pretend November is October as well?

This month has been one of discoveries, growing, trying, and anticipating.  Being a mom is the hardest thing I have ever done... but I love it... even on nights when she doesn't let me sleep till after 3am (and, to be honest, that is just about every night).
And at almost two months into this parenting journey, I am finally willing to talk about *ever* having more children.  And that is good.  I think my words after giving birth were something like, "She is so worth it... but maybe we should be done now.".  ;-)

This month has been one of long talks about our future... all the while knowing that we really don't know.  There have been prayers, tears, laughter, you name it!  And all the while we're watching our daughter change each day and fall more in love with her.

It has been a plan-making month.  Plans to maybe start a small home business for extra income.  Plans to visit my family in February (they are currently driving here to stay for a week!!!  *happiest dance ever!*).  Plans to help my sister with her upcoming wedding (oh, by the way, my gorgeous sis, Jessie, is engaged and getting married next May)!!!  
Plans to look for opening doors.
Plans to soak in every moment.
Plans to see our plans change.
And plans to drink coffee.  Lots.


Here and almost gone.

Beautifully hard days.  Big choices, sleepless nights.  Learning to be brave.  
Loving my little family.
Good month.

What has October been for you?



OldFashionGirl said...

*sigh* Drank in your beautiful post, just lovely words. Much love to you and your little family! Blessings dear, blessings to you all!

Victoria W. said...

Oh girl, tears- happy tears and lots of them have been part of my journey too! Learning to love deeper, live stronger, reach out more and give during this hectic time of year. But, it is sooo worth it!!! I'm so grateful the months have brought you so much joy being a mama to lovely Serenity Faye!!
God bless your little family, too!