Saturday, October 10, 2015

Autumn Trends Fashion Event

Vintage Flower Blouse ~ Thrift Store
Cream Cami ~ Walmart
Linen Pants ~ T J MaxX
Lace Flats ~ Walmart
 Owl Earrings ~ oops, can't remember!
Lace/Ribbon Headband ~ Hobby Lobby

Denim Dress, Brown Leggings, Blue Flower Headband ~ gifts!

When I saw that Bramblewood Fashion was having an autumn fashion event I just knew I had to at least *try* to join.  :-)  Life with a baby is unpredictable, so this might be the only pics I get this weekend.  I'm SO glad we were able to take these (thank you, sis!), as they don't only capture our outfits but also give me some sweet mommy/daughter pics to cherish!

Rennie is wearing a combination of clothing items that were gifted to us.  I am IN LOVE with this denim dress!  It is definitely one of my favorites!  It is perfect for the still-warm autumn weather here in southern Utah.  I love that is captures the feel of the season without overheating her.  :-)

By the way, she is six weeks old!  Wowsers!!!

I wanted my outfit to reflect autumn, so I chose dark tan linen pants (the have a cute embroidery on the bottom that you can't quite see in the pics) and a button-up with a soft floral pattern (and light fabric... the whole "it's still warm here" thing).  I also wanted my clothing choice to reflect my time of life as well.  I'm not going to take pictures of an outfit that I couldn't actually wear in my daily life... so my outfit needed to be kind to my postpartum body and ALSO breastfeeding friendly!  Flowy blouses and tops with buttons are my best friends right now!  Button-up shirts can also be worn on the "bigger" side and (if the cut is good) still give a bit of a waistline.
I'm still learning what works best for my new body.  I'm the biggest I've *ever* been (by over twenty pounds, people!).  I do admit, it can be hard for me at times.  I'm SO thankful for the people (including my wonderful hubby) who remind me of the miraculous reason my body looks like this now.  And honestly, all I have to do is stare into Rennie's eyes and any negative self-image goes away.  It will be a journey getting my body back to a "happy weight", but in the meantime the reality of being a mom when I thought I might never experience this... that is enough.  It makes me forgive this body of mine because it carried the life of my gorgeous baby girl!  <3  
In the meantime, any outfit posts I can squeeze in will show this journey and how I'm dressing as a new mom!

If you so desire, go join in the fun at Ashley's Fashion Event!  Autumn is my favorite season (still working on the perfect crock pot Pumpkin Spice Latte recipe) and I had so much fun putting together these outfits for the two of us (so much girl fun!!!).  I hope my blog (though neglected at times) will continue to be a source of joy and encouragement for you!  Much love!



Marianela said...

GORGEOUS! The smile in your eyes says it all. :)

Anonymous said...

Love this post!!!<3

Natasha Atkerson said...

Beautiful mama and baby.
I really like your blouse, super cute.
A modest fashion blog:

Ashley _ said...

Can't I just say, this may be my favorite post from the event so far!! A mother and her young daughter make a thrilling combination that makes my heart rejoice with happiness! <3 Also, you both look beautiful in your autumn outfits.

Bramblewood Fashion

Iris said...

Totally distracted but your baby is SOOO adorable....and I am picky with babies' cuteness. :D

Coming from Bramblewood Fashion...

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful baby and mama! Her denim dress is adorable and I love the polkadots! Your blouse is so pretty!
By His Grace,

Paige said...

Beautiful photos! I like your floral top and headband, and Renni's dress is cute! :)

OldFashionGirl said...

Fabulous! You and your girl look great!

Victoria W. said...

Awwe! My heart sings with more than ecstatic joy seeing these lovely pictures of you and your baby, Rachel!!
Everyone has to love the Fall! It's the most awesome season for so many reasons- fun fashions and yummy pumpkin lattes! 😋