Monday, June 2, 2014

i'm going on an adventure!

Mother/Daughter Banquet with my sisters, mom, and nana!

Crazy, amazing days...

Today is the day we have loaded the trailer with all our worldly goods in preparation for an early start tomorrow morning on the long haul to Utah.

Yes, the time has come.

Just two weeks ago I said goodbye to my sister, Jessie, as she set out on her three-month internship doing ministry with inner-city kids in D.C.  Time has flown since then and I can hardly believe that my own new adventure is about to begin!

This month living with my family has been A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!  It has been busy and crazy and laughter-filled (and has also contained quite a bit of coffee and ice cream)!  We've had our tearful moments as we continue to realize just how much we will miss each other, but there has been so much joy and fun in these last few weeks.

One weekend Andrew and I babysat my youngest four siblings... what an incredible time!  I continue to fall in love with each of my brothers and sisters as they grow.

What dashing gents!!!  :-)

Sweet baby girl... I keep forgetting that she is four!

Oh look!! More ice cream!  ;-)

My Mom and I are usually really healthy in our food choices... not so much recently.  It has been so fun though.

The running joke is that we are no longer on the "Trim Healthy Mama" eating plan, but have started something new called "Fat Happy Mama"!  Hehe...

We took a family trip to Lake Michigan last weekend.  The weather was *gorgeous*!

What a surprise!  More ice cream!

Can anyone tell that we had way too much fun?  And that we are a bit weird???

My Dad and Andrew went to a gun show together on Saturday and then went shooting later that day.  Natalie and I tagged along and even took a couple shots! 

Serious faces...

I so love hanging out with this girl!

Beautiful Sammie Dee!!!

Yesterday was slow and relaxing... 

Mom, Natalie, Andrew, and I did a special song together at church (which was both sweet and emotional).  It was wonderful sitting with my family during service for our last Sunday in Indiana.

Please be praying for Andrew and me these next few days as we travel.  It will take us three days to reach our destination.  We still don't have a new house or job for certain yet (we will be staying with Andrew's family until then), so we are really going out on faith in God's provision of both!  We have done some online house-shopping and Andrew has put in an application for a job; please pray that he would get this job and that we would be able to find a home quickly!

Please also pray for my heart... and for my family.  We have always lived with or near each other.  This is a huge change.  We are more than family, we are best friends.  This isn't going to be easy for us.  We know that God is faithful, but there will still be many moments (or days) that are hard.

Thank you all for the sweet comments, messages, and emails you've already sent me since my last blog post.  Your support and prayers are so encouraging.

So, now comes the end of my life in Indiana... my beautiful home filled with rolling fields, towering trees, and loved ones.  And now comes a new beginning out west.  Whatever the future holds, I rest in the truth that I am so loved; by my husband, my family, my friends, and my beautiful Savior.

I'm going on an adventure!

I'm a leaf on the wind... watch how I soar!



Tabitha said...

Praying for your new adventure! I understand the pain of moving so far from your family. When I got married 4.5 years ago I moved from CA to MO (recently moved back to CA) The Lord did some amazing great things through that all! I'll be keeping you in my prayers!

Ashley B said...

So beautiful....all of these pictures! And you are making me craving icecream! Ah! Your anniversary pictures are absolutely stunning as well! <3

Anonymous said...

I love you guys so very much! Praying for you all as you start out on this adventure! <3