Monday, June 23, 2014

into the unknown

 Cream Blouse ~ thrift store
Palazzo Pants ~ Meijer
Earrings ~ Walmart 

 Oh dear me... here I am, weeks after my big move, finally posting, and lo and behold the pictures I am sharing are from before I left Indiana.

*evil snicker*

I promise, pictures from the wild west are coming!  But first, I wanted to share this outfit from the last Sunday I spent in my beloved Indiana.

These pictures are so precious to me, as I have lost the skills my beloved photographer-sister since moving.  Natalie, I need you!  I am lost without you here to take pictures for my outfit posts!  Now I will have to either get better at self-portraiture or shove the camera into Andrew's hands more often.  ;-)

I have recently fallen in love with this old-now-made-new clothing item called palazzo pants!  For me, they are the perfect mix of femininity and practicality.  In the nutshell, palazzo pants are a skirt in which you can bike (or jump on a trampoline!) without the fear of your modestly being suddenly compromised (don't ask my about my experiences...).  I love them and especially love the fabric pattern I was able to find, all flowery and girly!

Indeed, Rachel is happy with these pants.

 Now, about life (since this isn't a fashion blog, only a blog that happens to have outfits posted on it occasionally)!  Andrew and I made it safely to the beautiful, mountainous land that is Utah.  Andrew found a job (today he is starting his second week working there) and we have found a place to live.  When I venture outside (into the heat... which is still very hot, humidity or not!), I can see the mountains from my little yard.

I have been able to meet with several of Andrew's friends from his growing-up years, who are such wonderful and welcoming people!  Our new church is brimming with lovely folks, a pastor who can deliver a convicting and inspiring sermon (oh, and come to my rescue when I lock myself out of my apartment while Andrew's at work... I'm so good at first impressions!), and a beautiful pastor's wife who has already been an incredible encouragement to me (coffee dates are the best!).

Leaving my home and family hasn't been easy.  AT ALL.  But the Lord is showering His love upon me each day.

 God has provided over and over again... in big things like a job or a home and in smaller things like a microwave or modest shorts (seriously, it is HOT here!).

Thank you so much for the prayers as we were in the process of moving and getting settled into new life.  There is still much to do; an overwhelming amount of unpacking still to be done, medical needs still to be met, and the time (and energy!) to pursue Godly relationships with new friends (I'm not the most energetic, or extroverted, person on the planet).

Pictures from Utah are coming soon!  And maybe I'll be courageous enough to even share some pictures of our new home, imperfect as it looks right now.  ;-)

Blessings, my friends!  I hope your Monday is lovely!


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