Thursday, May 1, 2014

this last month

April is over and I can hardly believe it!

Most months are here for a while, then you say goodbye with a fond wave and excitement for the next thirty-so days to come.

April was more like: Oh, this is nice. I like April... wait!  What do you mean it's not April anymore?!

April was a whirlwind.  It was sunny mornings and snowy afternoons.

It was taking Sammie and Daniel out fishing and getting sunburns from the sun's reflection off the lake.

It was soothing breezes and big clouds.  It was short sleeves... and then sweaters again.

It was one final sleep-over at our apartment with Jessie and Natalie.  It was movie marathons and spring-colored nails.

It was walks in the wind.  It was laughing (very loudly).

It was celebrating my twenty-first birthday.  It was eating tons of Mexican food around a big table with people I love.

It was looking back and looking forward.

It was breathing in moments; knowing that life will soon never be the same again.

It was going barefoot on the days is was warm enough.  It was outfit pictures that I still need to go through and post... ;-)

It was hair appointments with Mom and sisters.  It was finally reading a new book.

It was midwife appointments with lots of questions.  It was finding ways to get some answers.  It was being given hope that I should, in God's time, be able to have my own family.

It was old t-shirts and hard work.  It was wearing flowers in my hair that my little brother picked for me.

It was babysitting for several days.  It was chalk-drawings, word-searches, and singing.

Oh... and it was moving!  It was packing up our belongings, stacking them in a poll barn, and plopping down suitcases in my family's home until we move out west... which is only one more month away!

Yes, I am wearing a butterfly on my head.  It was a gift from Bekah so I could "be a princess".  *love*

April was all of these things and so much more.  And I have survived!  I am tired and know that there is SO much more still coming, but God is good always and will give me joy and strength for each day.  For now, I am loving being surrounded by loved ones and planning a future with Andrew in the far, far land of Utah.  ;-)
I will blog when I can, I promise!  Love you all, my dear readers.  I cherish your comments and prayers!

God bless!

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Ashley B. said...

Wow! What precious moments! I loved them have such a beautiful family, Rachel! =D