Thursday, October 24, 2013

Clothing Post-- You are my Sunshine

Floral Sleeveless Blouse, Black Flats--- Thrifted
Blue Jeans, Gray Infinity Scarf--- Walmart
Gray Cardigan--- Target

This blouse was my most recent *favorite* find.  It cost me all of sixty-eight cents!!!  Yes, you read that correctly.  For a girl like me who hates to spend money (I know, not very female-typical), this equals the find of the century!

I recently got rid of a bunch of my clothes (that were either the wrong size or not really fitting in with my personal taste anymore).  Because of that, I've been having to get creative with a more simple wardrobe.  What's amazing is that you don't have to have tons of clothes to make great outfits.  All you need is a splash of interest with your basic pieces with some fun accessories and BOOM! you have a perfect outfit!

This is actually the same scarf I wore in my last outfit.  Doesn't it look like another scarf when paired with an entirely different style of outfit? 

I also let my hair dry naturally and only styled my bangs.  My perm is still holding on after more than a year (almost 1 1/2 years!).  It is now a loose wave when I air-dry it.

Today I am chilling with one of my bestest girlfriends-- my sis, Jessie.  So far we have managed to laugh hysterically, drink yummy coffee, plan some shopping, have good talks, freak out at the falling snow (SNOW!  Seriously???), and just enjoy each other's company.  Oh, and fill our mouths with whipped cream... several times.  :-D

Hope you all have a blessed and beautiful day!

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