Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Favorites {No. 34} Midsummer Days

The last few weeks have involved simple, little days of craziness.  I have felt quite busy, yet most days haven't involved a ton of activities.  Maybe it is that sweet laze that is mid summer.

My family has been over to visit a few times.  We've gone swimming together at the pool in my apartment complex (I had to assure those working in the office that yes, I did have permission to bring such a large group and yes, they were all related to me).
One thing that can be a challenge is entertaining little ones in my sadly-toy-less apartment.  So, last visit, Daniel, Bekah, and I constructed a car out of chairs, a paper plate, and a guitar stand.  They had SO much fun!

This last week included a trip to Lake Michigan with my Mom and siblings.  We had such a blast turning the music up and singing all the way to the beach!

We all enjoyed the refreshingly cool (sometimes extremely cold when the sun hid behind the clouds) water.  My family loves to swim together and this is one of my Mom's favorite places to go for a day.

Don't worry... Mom and Jess made sure to soak her after I got this picture.  ;-)

We had fun building things in the sand, laying out in the sun (I was able to read for a while!), and even watch it rain lightly on the water and sand.  It was SUCH a perfect day!

Sun-kissed and happy at the end of our day together!  Yes, we sang all the way home too.

Bekah Ann... quite tired!  We all slept extremely well that night!

Most recently, Natalie has been spending the last couple of days with Andrew and me.  It is so nice to be able to hang out, paint nails, watch old movies, drink (lots of) coffee, and just talk with my sis.  Tomorrow the three of us will be heading back to my parents' house for the weekend.  Andrew will be helping my Dad with a project involving a privacy fence and we'll all be doing lots of music preparation for a special church service our church is doing at a community park (the same place Andrew and I were married!).  Andrew will be leading worship and playing guitar with me on the piano... my family will also be providing three different music specials, so please pray for our hands and voices!  :-)  Please also pray that lives will be touched through our ministry and especially through the sermon preached afterwards.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

God bless!

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