Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Favorites {No. 33} Free and Brave

Oh yes, it has been forever since I did a Friday Favorites.  Mostly because I didn't feel those posts were too super interesting... I'm over that now though.  ;-) 

My family celebrated the 4th of July with another pastor's family from our church.  We had such an amazing time of fellowship and hilarious fun.

Bekah fell in love...

Sweet parents... just adore these two precious people!

Tree frogs!!!

We were a good distance outside of town... it was great to be just as loud as we wanted!  :-)

Many competitive games were played (the ladies won over and over, by the way!).

Getting ready to set off some fireworks!

Laughing, talking...

Andrew and our friend, Lucas, were the brave duo lighting up the fireworks.  At least one thing blew up a few inches from Andrew's face (he spoke quite loudly for a little while since his hearing was a bit off afterwards!) and Lucas got chased by several (then hit by one)!  No one was hurt and we spent a lot of the time practically rolling on the ground with laughter.

Thanks, Mom, for the pic!

Our first 4th of July celebration together as a married couple!  Yes, we were married this time last year, but there was a fire ban last year because it was so terribly dry and hot...  no fireworks and no hanging out in the great outdoors.  This year definitely made up for it though!
What an amazing day!!!

May this land forever be
A land of God and of the free.

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!  What did YOU end up doing???

God bless!


Emily Stewart said...

How fun! I love seeing these pictures of you guys just living life as a family together. By the way, your momma just is looking SO GREAT! :) You all are! Love you all!

Hannah Elise said...

Wow, love the wide openness of the place you were setting off fireworks! I got to go to a picnic, eat lots of food, and watch lovely fireworks from a neighbor's backyard.

Josie said...

I love everything about this. What wonderful pictures... especially the ones of the beautiful sunset! So glad you had a great 4th of July!