Thursday, June 20, 2013

My People... Drama Group Pictures!

Oh my.  Drama is one of my favorite areas of life.  I love performing in them, directing them, watching them, re-watching them...

Last year I was too busy planning (and having!) my wedding to take part in the VBS dramas like I had the two years prior.  This year I was able to come back and enjoy the pain, sweat, tears, and joy that is drama.  Some of the cast I had worked with in the past, some were brand new!  The ages ranged from 12 to 23 and I don't think there was a single person in the group without a strong personality.  :-)

So, here is a brief glimpse into my latest adventure in my favorite department of VBS ministry: the skits!

The first skit was a retelling of the story of Nehemiah rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem and the second skit was a modern-day press conference with two Biblical characters (Sanballat and Tobiah).

Natalie's expression says it well... especially on our first night of rehearsals.  She has been in all of the skits I've directed at this church and her acting skills have just continued to grow.  This year she played the king of Medo-Persia and a Jewish worker in the first skit, and a news reporter in the second skit (and she rocked all three roles!).

Angie was a welcome addition to our group.  The youngest amongst us, she took on a heavy load of three roles including a Jewish worker and friend of Nehemiah in the first skit, and a news reporter in the second skit.  She did an awesome job too!

I have a slight "deer in the headlights" expression... it WAS the first night of practices!

As you know, I took on my old role of director BUT, this year, I also got the chance to act in one of the skits (something I'd never done along with directing before).  I also played a news reporter (a scary one, I was told).

Two other new additions to our team were Angie's older sisters, Lydia and Ginny.  Lydia also played three roles (first skit, a Jewish Nobleman and a false prophet; second skit, Tobiah).  Ginny, though juggling crazy work schedules, played a Jewish town official in the first skit and Sanballat in the second.

Jessie did an amazing job (as always) in her two different roles of Narrator in the first skit (which included most of the lines) and a silent, but funny, photographer in the other skit.  Doesn't she look amazing in her photographer getup???

Natalie and I ready to do some reporting... aren't we an intimidating duo?

My handsome hubby also played a role in each skit: Nehemiah and a news reporter.

Waiting backstage

Things were rather crazy the day of our performance... but we pulled it all together and had an amazing time.

"I got the wall rebuilt!"

Oh... happy times.  I couldn't have asked for a more fun group of young people to work with through all of this.  I know I'm happy to be done though!  :-)

So, what areas of ministry are you most interested in?  My favorites are youth ministry (namely to young women), music, and drama (of course!).
Have you found ways to use your gifts to serve the Lord?  If not, how could you be using them?


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