Wednesday, April 24, 2013

auf wiedersehen, goodbye

There comes a point in the moving process when you are just ready to move!
Andrew and I have found that to be the case as we get ready to transfer our possessions and our lives from one apartment to the next.
Andrew walks around the house and we exchange a look that means, "We're so ready to be in our new place, aren't we?"
We sit down on our couch and share an expression that says, "Can't wait to be in our bigger living space with our new extra-plushy couch, chair, and loveseat set!"

But, as Nana says, "This is such a sweet little place.  Such a good place for a first year together."

I couldn't agree more with her.  This little place that has become our home has held so much; so much laughter till we had to stop to avoid bodily injury, surprises, excitement, confusion, tears of fear and worry and also tears of wonder as I have held Andrew close and wondered, "This incredible man really belongs to me?!".

I will miss the walks alongside the pond... or the strolls beneath the blossoms on the trees right outside our bedroom window.  I will miss the stillness, the romance, of this place.  Our new home is in a faster-paced area of the city, not quite so secluded.  Yes, I will miss things about this place.

I know there will be things I won't miss.  Like not being able to open the dishwasher and cabinet at the same time.  Or having all of my craft supplies in the living room because there is no other place for them or for me to do projects.  I'm so looking forward to having an extra bedroom for all of our projects... and also to house friends.

Today is the last full day we have in our first little home.  Tomorrow evening the process will begin of loading boxes into vehicles and driving them down the road, unloading, driving back, and repeating.  I'm so grateful for a friend here that is willing to come and help Andrew with all of the heavy-lifting... since I had to do most of that last time and haven't been to keen on going through that again.  I'm sure it will go much faster without me.  :-)

Goodbye, building 219.  Goodbye, apartment C.  You will always be special to me.  You are where our lives together began.

Hello, new home!  I can't wait to fill your walls with love, laughter, and everything that is Andrew and Rachel together.

Hope you all have a wonderful day, my friends!  The next time I post I will be living in our new apartment!  Please be praying that the moving process goes smoothly (especially transporting a bunch of fish!), nothing breaks (especially the aquariums!), and that we are still in love with our new home after we crowd it with all of our stuff.  :-)

God bless!

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Anonymous said...

You've been so good to remember to say "goodbye". Because then, you can truly say "hello" to all that's new and good and exciting. Thanks for the reminder to be thankful in all things. And to remember them well.
Much love to you!
See you tonight with hot food!!!