Friday, November 9, 2012

What a sweet yesterday... Natalie's Birthday!

I spent yesterday afternoon and evening with my amazing family (including my grandparents), celebrating my lovely sister's birthday.

What a fun time of just hanging out, talking (either about Natalie or politics), eating yummy food, and, later, visiting with friends.

Natalie has been growing and changing and becoming such an incredible young woman.  Several people were surprised when they heard she was turning fifteen, having assumed she was older.  :-)  Quite the compliment.  Natalie has done a beautiful thing in showing that you can be a mature, caring, sensitive person no matter how young you are.

The little kids took such pleasure in giving Natalie presents they had chosen for her themselves.

Natalie seems quite happy with her gifts...  :-)

Yes... quite happy.

Mom was so creative in choosing many of Natalie's presents and inspiring the kids in their own love of gift-giving.  My mom LIVES to give people things.  :-)

What a fun day!  Goodness, I love being with my family.  Especially when we have nothing planned except to have fun and enjoy each other.  Missed having my husband there (his work crew is doing a project out-of-state, so they are pulling long hours right now), but other than that, it was a wonderful time!

Happy Birthday, Natalie!
I love you so much and am so amazed by the young woman you are! 

I hope you all have a loverly weekend!
God bless!


Jessica said...

Happy, happy birthday Natalie! May Jesus continue to shine through you and may you grow by leaps and bounds in your understanding of His Love for you! Miss you!


p.s. miss you, too, Rachel! :D

Mikailah said...

Happy Birthday, Natalie! Such a lovely young lady--inside and out. :) Family is such a sweet, sweet gift.


Josie said...

She is beautiful inside and out, and it looks like she had a great day! Happy belated birthday, dear Natalie!

Anonymous said...

I just loved yesterday. Missed Andrew alot!
Can't wait for our "week" together!!!

Anna said...

Happy Happy Birthday Natalie! Miss you!


Sereina Charise said...

Happy Birthday to your sister! Sounds like y'all had a wonderful time. :)