Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Favorites {No. 13} South Dakota!

LOTS of pictures today from my AMAZING trip to South Dakota!  Andrew and I drove out with my friend, Hannah, to stay with friends, Jake and Mikayla (and their new baby, Lydia!), for the week of Thanksgiving.  What a fun time!

My two travel partners: my wonderful hubby, Andrew, and dear friend, Hannah!  We arrived late Saturday evening after a 12-hour drive.  We were tired but still SO excited.

Monday, Hannah and I experienced something new: a deer butchering!!!  Hannah helped a little and I touched the deer, then became very busy with a camera!  (I'm famous for having a weak stomach, but thankfully just seeing the dead deer and watching other people skin and butcher it didn't bother me.)

Jake and Mikayla looking cute as they clean the fresh meat!

As a treat that night after all the hard work was done, Hannah and I made fruit smoothies with pineapple, mango, orange juice, milk, and vanilla ice cream (we experimented quite a bit to find the perfect balance of flavor!).

Ohhhh... these things tormented Hannah and me the first part of the week.  Once we finally started being able to solve them, they were a lot more fun! 

Jake and Mikayla are both really talented at solving these and have quite the collection!

Another new experience: Andrew and I had an accident with a deer! We both came away from it unharmed, but our car took a beating. We lost the sideview mirror on the driver's side and the back door on that side no longer opens from the outside, plus there were bad dents and a scrape on the hood from the deer's antler. We were both quite shaken, but SO glad that the damage was minimal.

On a much more wonderful note:  I got to meet Miss Lydia Dawn, Jake and Mikayla's new baby girl.  She is SO adorable!

Tuesday we went to visit Pete's Taxidermy... and were blown away by how incredible it was!

Amazing scenes...

Amazing wreaths made from pheasant feathers!

Jake, Lydia, and Mikayla (Andrew is in the background).


Andrew with his Jackalope!

When I first saw this I was thinking, "Awww!!! Such a cute duckling!"  Then I realized, "Oh wait... its dead... poor duckling!"  *sobs*

Andrew loved the prairie dogs... once they weren't alive anymore (apparently they are really bad pests on ranches).

What a fun place to visit!

Walking the neighborhood!

Wednesday game night!  We had so much fun doing different dances on the Wii with friends!

We spent Thursday and the first part of Friday with Jake and Mikayla's families celebrating Thanksgiving.  I got to meet so many wonderful, friendly people (they make good food too!).

Hubby and me in the back of the van later on Friday going to see more friends!

All of the guys and some of the girls went shooting on our friends' property.  Hannah had never shot a gun before and she was really excited to finally be able to say she'd done it!

L-R:  Shawna, Laura, Katie, and Theresa

Wonderful young ladies to spend an evening with.  I had never met Shawna and Laura before and it was lovely talking with them!  I hadn't seen Theresa since my wedding, so it was wonderful seeing her again and catching up.  Her younger sister, Katie, was so lovely as well to meet and talk with!

L-R:  Me, Theresa, and Hannah
Love this pic!!!

Me with my love.  The week of our trip was also the week of our 6-month anniversary AND the 1-year anniversary of him proposing to me!

Love you so much, my darling man.

Heading home early the following Saturday morning.

Hannah and me, tired from a day in the car, but still smiling!

So the sun set on our wonderful week-long trip to South Dakota.
What an amazing time of fellowship, laughter, great food, and making memories!

Hope you all have had a wonderful week!

God bless!

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Rachel Hope said...

It looks like you had a really nice time. have I said it before ? you and your hubby are so cute together.
I would have been freaked if my car hit a dear ! Oh my goodness, I'm so happy you came out unscathed.
south dakota looks like a nice place, wasn't it really cold ? I heard somewhere it is really cold, maybe untrue. That last photo is stunning.
Blessings ~ Rachel Hope