Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Favorites {No. 9} Oh, the Outdoors!

What a fun lot of pictures from this past week!

Old hotel balcony...
Love this place!

Andrew pretending to be a tree-hugger... or just trying to make us laugh!

Andrew saw this picture just now and commented: "That hurt."

Natalie and Andrew enjoying the swings!

My handsome husband... thanks for the lovely expression, dear.

Much more flattering pic of Natalie!

Loved these chairs at the old hotel!

Sneak peek at Jessie's senior pictures!

While Andrew and I were visiting my family, we did a couple bonfires on the back patio!
We love singing around the fire!

Bekah found a pinecone!

My Mom taught me Backgammon!  What fun!

My Mom and sisters are SO competitive!  Its halarious watching them play!

Cute hubby and silly sissy!

Contemplative husband and adorable sissy!

Roasting marshmallows!  Yum!

Sneak peek at my latest project!

Sammie found a cool rock yesterday at my house!
She wanted me to take a picture.

I love Autumn!!!

Kitties at a friends' house.
I'm not a cat-person, but I think these pictures make them look almost cute.

My loverly Mom and sissies!

We girls all went out (along with some friends) to eat Mexican and then hang out at Starbucks last night!  What a blast!

Everyone looks so serious in this picture... there were serious parts of our conversations, but we also spent a TON of time laughing hysterically!

Natalie and me with our Pumpkin Spice Lattes!!!
Almost crazy with joy!

Hope you enjoyed these favorite pics from my week!

God bless!


Annie said...

I did a happy little dance when this post came up in my Google reader. =) Thanks for sharing, I so enjoy seeing your pictures!

Josie said...

This made me smile. Also, I'm looking forward to more of Jessie's pictures. Miss you, girl!