Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Favorites {No. 10} Senior Year Photo Shoot

These pictures weren't taken this week, but I know that sharing them is long overdue!
My sister, Jessica, is wrapping up highschool this year and I asked her if she wanted to do one huge photo-shoot with a couple different outfits OR multiple shoots during different seasons throughout her senior year.  She opted for the latter (my preference, YAY!).  So, here are my favorites from our first photo-shoot of Jessica's senior year!

These pics were taken at the park where my wedding was... such a perfect place for pictures. such a perfect day, and such a wonderful girl to be taking pictures of!

Jessie is so full of smiles and laughter... one of the many things we love about her!

Jessie's nickname when she was younger was "tree frog" since she was constantly up in trees!
Even as a young adult, she's been known to climb up in a tree and read.

Such a beautiful young woman...  oh yes, on the outside too.
I just love knowing her!

Ornery little eyebrow lifted just slightly... :-)

Hehe... we always end up getting a picture like this!

Thanks, Jessie, for letting me take your pictures!  That day was SO much fun!

Keep up the good work as you finish highschool!  May God continue to grow you and form you into the woman He has created you to be!
Love you!

Hope you all enjoyed these pics!
Have a wonderful weekend!

God bless!


Annie said...

I love these! Great job, Rachel!

Josie said...

That girl is such a character! Love her dearly. Great job, Rachel! I so enjoyed these!

Becca Anne said...

These are beautiful, Rachel!

I love your sisters hair in these, I love updos.


Megan and Abby said...

Oh, my dearest Jessie: so beautiful!
I miss you so much!