Sunday, May 15, 2011

What Six Years Can Do

Yesterday was a good day.  Weird sometimes.  Surreal sometimes.  But, overall, very good. 

There is a family that my family has been friends with for over ten years.  Yesterday their oldest son celebrated his completion of highschool AND college!  We travelled to his open house and were able to see people that I haven't seen in a long time.  Most people reaction with wide-eyed smiles, "I didn't know you were going to be here!".  Honestly, most of what I heard was, "You are so TALL!"  Yes, I did grow in the last six years and I was also wearing heels  (5'9'' without heels is pretty tall when the extra inches of your shoes put you close to 6' and the average hight of all the other young women around your age is 5'4''-5'5''). 
Everyone wanted to know what's been going on in my life... and I tried to give the abridged version.  Most girls are busy with college and one is busy planning her wedding (I grew up with both her and the groom going to the same church and was friends with him for several years).  Some people hadn't changed at all.  Others I hardly recognized.  Most live in the same community or house that they always have.  Having moved twice in the last six years, I've experienced change, culture shock, and the process of making new friends and ministering in very different-feeling communities. 

One or two people made my day so much better.  And its those one or two people that are always worth the trip to memory lane.  Going back can be hard.  I much prefer to move forward.  But there are some things in the blurry, silvery thoughts that always stay from childhood and make driving through the old neighborhood something special.  It was a good day.  And, now that I'm sick and confined to bed, yesterday seems even better.  ;-)  I would appreciate your prayers as over the past year and a half, I have been getting sick quite often after many years of hardly ever getting sick.  I've gone from annual illness to every other month or monthly illness.  I've spent far too many days weak and sickly in bed and will probably be going to the doctor tomorrow to find out if there's something causing these constant illnesses.  My mom is worried, as I'm a healthy, fit person and really shouldn't be so sick this often.  For me, its just not that fun and I would prefer to go back to the annual illness!  :-) 

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!  May God bless you!

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Melanie said...

Praying for you, Rachel!!! ♥

(P.S. Try being 5'9" WITHOUT heels on.) ;) lol