Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Walk with My Sisters

I love cameras.  I love taking pictures.  I love trying, failing, and trying again to capture the essence and beauty of the life around me.  And when I'm able to capture the beauty of a day, of a person, with a click of a camera...  my joy mounts to a level only another photographer can understand.  :-)

Yesterday was a beautiful day.  Chilly later on, but beautiful.  My sisters, Dad, and I had lunch together at our town's Senior Center.  I want to be like the elderly people that come there when I'm ninety!  They are amazing.  One man, Raymond, is ninety-eight and still can get cocky while playing cards with the other seniors.  The comedy between these people is amazing too.  One conversation between two of them, Bettie and Russel (both probably in their late seventies/early eighties) went like this:

Bettie: (to Russel)  Jiminy Christmas, Russel! You're beating us all at this game! Who said yesterday that he couldn't play cards and always had a bad hand?! 
Russel: (grins and looks around)  Hmmm... I'm not sure Bettie...  I've got a bad memory.

One other lady, Thelma (who has to have one of the best personalities EVER!), said when she laid the wrong card down, "Gee!  I guess I was having a senior moment!"

Don't you want to be like that if you live to be eighty???!

Well... on to other things... like something actually partaining to the title of this post.  :-)  Yesterday, after working in the dirt for a while planting our garden, Jessie, Natalie, and I went for a walk together.  There aren't many places to go here in "Smallville", but the creek down by the cemetery (and the cemetery itself) is very beautiful and picturesque.  So, here's a peek at my afternoon walk with my sisters.  Hope you enjoy.

In the summer, this creek is perfect for wading.
This is also where I discovered what its like to be pinched by a crawdad.

My lovely sister, Jessica.

Two ladies.  One bridge.  One creek.
That equals pictures.  Always!

Jessie and Natalie...  Wishing the water was warmer. 

Down on the sandy bank.

Raccoon prints under the bridge right next to the water.
No, that puddle is not the creek... the water is off the the left. 

A bleak and beautiful place.

Moss growing over aged, inscribed stones.

Names, dates, places.  Maybe a word of remembrance.

Quiet and secluded.  Some deaths tragic and unexpected.
Some awaited and dreaded.  Some recalled only with tears.
But... others with hope.

Men are but dust... and to dust we all shall return.
But...  for those redeemed,
It is only stepping from the grim, barren trek of life
Into the place we were created for.
It is a Homecoming.

I am so thankful that this terrestrial ball, as wonderful as it can be, isn't my home.
This journey is only a short prologue to my story.

When we all get to heaven,
What a day of rejoicing that will be!
When we all see Jesus,
We'll sing and shout the victory!

Keeping an eternal perspective is SO hard for me sometimes... but I'm thankful for walks in cemeteries and the reminders of how short this life is. 

Well, I'm off to sweep and mop bathroom floors with an eternal perspective!  :-)  I hope you are all having a blessed week!


Mary said...

Oh, I just love elderly folks! Their so much fun and oh-so-sweet! And listening to their past is one of my favorite things to hear about:) By the way...Love the beautiful!

Rebecca said...

Wow! Those are really nice pictures! I like, I like them all!
Great job!
In Christ,

Anna Olivia said...