Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oceans of Blessings

Little Beauties.
He has
Everywhere, but untouched.
Obvious, yet unseen.
Screaming, still unheard.

A tiny berry.
One of the first.
Hangs alone in the cold.
Rain falls, pours.
Then the tumble ceases.
One droplet clings to this berry.
It doesn’t fall to be absorbed by the soil,
It hangs on.
It is beautiful.

A blessing

A thick bush.
Always green, all year.
Brightens the side of the house.
It too, is held captive.
Thousands of tiny drops grip tightly.
Startling against the dark,
They reflect the light.
Like diamonds.
It is beautiful.

A blessing.

A crooked tree.
Bare of its d├ęcor.
Stripped, wet in the bleak.
Changed in the rain, colors shine.
Bark and moss become a blaze of
Aged density sprinkled with
Bright flecks.
Hues of life.
It is beautiful.

A blessing.

A little lady.
Clad in thick warmth.
Hair uncombed.
Playing little mother with a doll.
Rain boots and well-loved swings.
Soft sighs and smiles.
A murmured song.
Innocence embodied.
It is beautiful.

A blessing.

A small boy.
Aglow with the cold.
A warrior.
Swinging a wooden sword.
Blue eyes and
Hot chocolate smudges on a
Pale, determined face.
Tomorrow’s man.
It is beautiful.

A blessing.

So small.
Yet, so strong.
As quiet as a whisper.
But more fierce than the sea.
A wild, storming
Ocean of

If I could but
Stop and
Perhaps I would
Thank Him
More often.

If I could but
Hear and
Maybe I could
Live with
Wonder in my
Eyes and
Praise on my

Great things He has done.
He is Wonderful.
Thank you, Lord.
Amen, and amen.

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Anonymous said...

speechless, dear one, you leave me speechless