Saturday, March 19, 2011

Three Sisters...

So alike.
So different.

One dark brunette.
One strawberry blonde.
One in-between.

One's locks wavy.
One's straight.
One's curly.

One's eyes glinting, dark blue.
One's eyes light, sky blue.
One's eyes soft hazel-brown.

Two love animals.
One doesn't.

Two love English.
One loves math.

Two could do without sonnets.
One writes prose (guess who?).

One thrives on the piano.
One on the violin.
One on the harp.

They all love to laugh.
But one laughs more than the other two.

They all love to sing.
But one has to learn how to play the music for the song.

They all love the outdoors.
But one has allergies.
And two have asthma.
And one has neither.

They all enjoy having fun.
But one is quieter than the other two... sometimes.

These three girls have been through everything together.
Always together. 
Facing the world.
Arms locked.

And they know its just for a time,
so they don't look ahead too far.

Jessie-girl and Natie Jayne:
You are two of my bestest friends!
I love you!


Mary said...

You are gorgeous Rachel! So are Jessie and Natie Jane...lovely ladies! Aren't friends one of God's greatest blessing?

Anonymous said...

My beautiful friends! I miss you guys like crazy! :)