Friday, January 5, 2018

little life update

Happy 2018, my friends!!!  What a year 2017 was and the next twelve months are already filled with so much adventure for our growing family (the biggest change being the fact that our family is, indeed, growing!).

Weeks 8-13!  There's definitely someone in there.  ;-)

Pregnancy continues to be a "difficult blessing" for us.  My nausea is only somewhat under control these days with three daily doses of medication and I still feel nauseated almost constantly (actual vomiting has gone down from multiple times a day to once daily at the most).  Nothing else seems to be amiss though, so for that we are incredibly grateful.  Still can't feel definite baby movement yet, but hopefully I will start to in the coming month.

Rennie has been such a trooper with mommy feeling poorly and daddy gone for work most days.  She has struggled many days, but I'm still so proud of her as so much has changed very quickly in her daily life.  She has definitely become even more attached to Andrew through all of this, though we are still very much bonded.  <3

Christmas was a simple day at home to rest and enjoy being together.  Rennie's special gift this year was an indoor swing Andrew built for her.  She is OBSESSED!

As this new year begins and I have no clue what physical changes lay in store for me, my goals are much more inward for the next twelve months and reflect some things I learned from being pregnant and postpartum with Serenity.  My goals are to:

Be kind to myself and others
Not compare
Be thankful
Cast anxiety on the Lord
Keep learning
Smile and laugh more
Slow down and rest when needed
Love openly
Pursue Jesus

AND have a baby!  :-D

What are hoping for and looking forward to in this next year?

Blessings, dears!

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