Monday, November 6, 2017

a bigger step

Where's the baby?

There it is!

Oh my friends.  In the last little-over-a-month since my last post, so much has happened!  Andrew and I met with a doctor (as I shared we would).  This was what we thought was our big "next step" towards growing our family.  Little did we know that as we set up tests and researched fertility drugs that a new life was already growing inside of me.  *tears!*  God has graciously given us the gift of our third child after ten months of trying to conceive (our only baby to be conceived within what is considered a "normal" range).

It has been an exciting, yet very stressful, time since we found out about this new baby almost three weeks ago.  Only four days after discovering I was pregnant, I started having (sometimes excruciating) abdominal pain.  After bloodwork to confirm the baby was growing the biggest concern became an eptopic pregnancy.  A week went by and the pain didn't leave, so we had a very early (5 1/2 week) ultrasound and not only were we able to see the baby forming so perfectly in my womb but also the heartbeat flickering on the screen.  <3  We have no clue what was causing the pain but it is mostly gone now.

We are now 6 1/2 weeks along and nausea hits pretty hard most days.  Today is a better day physically (which is the hard part of early pregnancy: you're miserable when morning sickness is there and worried when it isn't).  We are further along than we made it with Promise, so that keeps my hopes high that everything is fine.  We are already so in love and praying so hard that this child (nick-named Squirt for now) will be one we get to raise along with Rennie!  <3
Speaking of Rennie:  she's doing really great with the news.  I'm pretty sure she doesn't comprehend what "baby in mommy's tummy" means for her eight-ish months from now, but she loves patting the baby and is enamored with the ultrasound picture.

The white inside the black circle is baby at only 5 1/2 weeks!

Would you please join us in praying, dear friends?!  Baby is due in late June, so we have a long haul ahead of us (and TONS of coming before the throne of God with our petitions for health and safety for this life).  He hears our hearts and I know it makes a difference.  So excited to keep you all updated as things progress!  Being pregnant is a hard time for my physically, but very much worthwhile!  Thank you for sharing in our joy!

Much love to you all!!!!


Rowan Wade said...

Congratulations to you all xxx

Anonymous said...

I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time. I am so happy that you are expecting another little one. Things have not been easily, but the sun after the storm is twice as beautiful. God bless!

Rae Talks said...

What a beautiful family. God bless you all!