Thursday, September 29, 2016

plaid happy... outfit post

plaid sleeveless top ~ ross, gray maxi skirt ~ walmart, brown sandals ~ walmart, flower earrings ~ walmart (i think!)

Here is another transitioning-into-fall outfit!  I *love* plaid in the autumn/winter months and, since it is still far from cold, this sleeveless top is a really nice option for me!  It is usually quite loose (which goes well with my normal chasing-a-toddler-friendly pants *wink*), but I wanted a different look with this skirt, so I tied the bottom to make it more fitted.
My hairstyle is dutch-braided bangs and then everything pulled back into a ponytail (with one twist-through).

This week has been full brain-wise so far.  Andrew and I are making soooooo many decisions right now when it comes to timing our move.  We've got a ballpark notion, but nothing set in stone yet.  Thank you so much to those who have been praying!  We appreciate it so much and know it makes such a difference.
In other news: Rennie is now thirteen months old!!!  I have a feeling the monthly posed photo shoots with her won't be as "structured" now that we've passed the one year mark... now I get to have fun doing random pictures on whatever day she's in the mood for it.  *wink*
In other other news: is anyone having a hard time believing it is almost October???  I've been able to have my windows open every morning (sometimes into the afternoon) and it has been amazing!  I've also had my first pumpkin spice latte of the year, which was splendid.  I've unpacked all of my cold weather clothing (mostly just to stare at lovingly since, as I've mentioned, it's still too warm to wear them) and will be spending the next couple weeks transitioning my and Rennie's wardrobes for the season!!!  The happiest time of my year (cold, rainy, holiday-brimming) is almost upon me and I'm a little bit enthused.  Teehee!

Hope you've all been having a lovely week!  Many blessings!


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