Thursday, September 22, 2016

autumn red... outfit post

red lace blouse ~ ross, black cami ~ walmart, black patterned pants ~ costco, black flip flops ~ walmart, gold flower earrings ~ meijer

how long till i write something new on the chalkboard?  who knows!

had to include some real life: packing bins are everywhere!

It's the first day of autumn!!!  *happy dance*
Now is the time for sweaters, fuzzy socks, hats, moccasins, hot cocoa, even *more* coffee, and pumpkin everything!

*screeeeeech*  *realizes it's still in the eighties here most days and most of those things might be a tad impractical*

Oh well, those things will come eventually.  In the meantime, here is an example of what I'm wearing to embrace autumn without having a heat stroke.

I found this blouse in the junior plus section of Ross and I really like it.  The fabric is a bit stiffer than I normally wear these days (for nursing convenience), but since it isn't super long pulling it up isn't hard.
These pants are my new happy pants.  *giggle*  They are super soft (think maxi skirt turned pant!) and the print is very versatile (almost all of my solid colored shirts can be worn with them and even some patterned ones)!  I really love the cut: still loose, but not as flowy and skirt-like as palazzo pants.   Oh, and they have POCKETS (unlike all but one pair of my palazzos).  I will be wearing them a ton this fall.
My hair is just air-dried.  Sunday is pretty much the only day my hair is blow-dried each week (which is, honestly, quite healthy for it to have so much less heat!).  I am astounded at how quickly it has grown out since this time last year (most likely due to how faithfully I've been taking good vitamins since becoming a mom!).  I'm really excited to be playing around with a *slightly* new style once I can get together with my beautician in early November.
Obviously I chose the simple route with shoes for this outfit.  I used to be quite a shoe hoarder and would have gasped at how often I wear solid flip-flops now... Mommy-Rachel just laughs at Pre-Mommy-Rachel and grabs her comfy shoes once again.  *wink*  My mindset towards clothes/shoes/accessories have grown and changed so much as I come into my own as a woman.  I've learned that I don't like having tons of options.  I would much rather have three *loved* pairs of shoes.  This started last autumn/winter when only ONE pair of my boots fit my still-swollen-from-pregnancy feet!  I literally wore the same pair of black booties to church for almost two full seasons!  And I liked it...  which shocked me!  Since then my feet have gone back to *almost* their original size, but I still keep to basic favorites.
This summer I cycled between my white flip flops, black flip flops, brown sandals, and (for shopping days) gray tennis shoes.  It is sooooo much less stressful for me (the color of my outfit literally chooses my shoes for me)!  I have a couple "special" pairs for dressy occasions, but overall it is just better for me to have some good basics.  The same is happening with my wardrobe.  I'm actually really excited to have so much of my stuff packed up right now, as it is showing me how much *less* I can be happy with!  Picking a pair of earrings takes up way less time when you only have two gold options.


How are you celebrating autumn this week?  Today I am drinking out of my favorite fox mug and Rennie is wearing autumn colors.  *grin!*  Also a creamy cheeseburger soup is cooking in my crockpot... sounds pretty autumn-y to me!


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OldFashionGirl said...

I love your outfit! It looks super chic and comfy-you are beautiful!
Thanks for sharing