Tuesday, December 29, 2015

renniebird... four months

Wow, I am actually posting these the exact day Serenity turns four months! 

Ha.  Ha.  Ha.
Yes, wrote the beginning of this post yesterday... and then motherhood happened and I am late posting pictures again.  ;-)  Oh well.  I *did* get the pictures taken, so yay!

My sweet kiddo is four months old.  Whaaaaat?
She is a chunka-monka cuteness.  She has been a little more fussy recently and chewing on everything (plus drooling buckets!), so I wouldn't be surprised if her gums are hurting her.  No sign of teeth yet though (for which this nursing mom is somewhat grateful).

Rennie has also started rolling over!!!  She also has started interacting a lot more with toys.  She loves when we smack our lips at her and will sometimes do it back!  Sitting up and bouncing are also favorites.

Serenity is becoming slightly ticklish and giggles when we change her clothes.  She babbles.  She was nineteen pounds at her last weigh-in and wears 9 month clothing.  She *loves* Christmas lights and will zone out on them.  It's so incredibly cute.

I still love being a mommy.  :-D  Don't see that changing.

It is exhausting (haven't had a full night of sleep since she was born) and it is demanding (I literally stopped in the middle of writing this sentence to change a poopie diaper which happened to leak out so I had to change Rennie's outfit as well)... but truly, Serenity delights my heart so incredibly much.  We were just able to share a giggle fest as I put her new clothes on.

We have had a wonderful holiday season so far.  It really is hard to believe that 2015 is almost finished.  It has been such an eventful year for our little family.  Hopefully the next year holds more amazing changes.  Andrew and I have much on our hearts as we pray for our future.  Unknowns can be scary, but they also offer much hope.

What have been some changes in your life this last year?  What has happened these last twelve months that fills your heart with thankfulness?

I think you all know my main one. 


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Victoria W. said...

I've loved seeing you walk through this new life of motherhood. It's been an eye opening experience for me, but also reawakened the one and only craving for a child I can call ours, when that time comes in my life. Meanwhile, I'm dedicating the time I have to finishing studies, improving my knack for messy housekeeping (of which I am not proud) and continuing to work toward the goals for the new year.
This last year has been a year of trials and I guess I have learned to maintain unswerving trust and devotion to God in the midst of feeling my world crumbling. But, I have learned how strong we can be in the face of the most trying circumstances.
It has been a blessing to share in your joy, Rae! God richly bless your year with fruitful and bountiful joys!