Monday, August 17, 2015

my little life

I live in a world of grand schemes, lofty goals, and great achievements.
Stronger.  Richer.  Skinnier.  Smarter.  Faster.

 Success is marked by letters after your name, toned muscles, money in the bank, or a busy schedule.

And I am one of those soft and slow people.
I am very content to love my husband, prepare for a baby, and stay home most days.

I want to be healthy, but I will enjoy the occasional bagel or root beer float.
I want to be smart and well-informed, but I've chosen to accomplish that through reading and experience.

I like things simple and don't feel lost when silence falls.

I would rather have one long, beautiful talk with a close friend than a busy week of social activities.
I would rather watch a favorite TV series with my husband over a pizza than go out for a fancy dinner (though that is fun every so often).

I am a stay-at-home wife (and mom!).  My days are simple and quiet unless I'm blasting my favorite music.  Some weeks go by and the only other person I've seen is my husband.

My life is long sunbeams and ticking clocks... the smell of coffee... the clicking of my fingers on this keyboard.

I realize this would drive some people mad... and maybe I am a little crazy myself... 

My life looks so little if you measure it by my popularity or my career.
But I am learning how precious a quiet life can be.  If I can adore my husband, cherish this daughter of mine, love others, and honor God, then my life is not so little.

And that is a life worth embracing.



Becca Anne said...

This post is so sweet, Rachel!!! I've always had a very strong personality. I'm the kind of girl that gets perturbed when people say girls aren't capable of something... but lately I've been doing some studying on true biblical womanhood, and I'm getting excited over the fact that it's not that God thinks we aren't capable... it's that we were created for an entirely different purpose. And as a result, I'm really excited to have a life like yours someday!!! I can't wait to be a wife and mama, and do what God created me to do!!

Sorry, this is a long comment. This post was just something that I've been thinking about so much lately. :)

(And I just have to add, from the photos you've posted, your home is so lovely.Your crafty touches and artistic things are so pretty!! :)

Rachel J said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment, Becca! I have a very strong personality too (just ask my husband!). One beautiful thing I've learned is how God can use our different personality types in amazing ways! I'm not a meek person, but God can use my passion and zest to bless others the way gentleness and meekness can be used in others. My stubborn nature makes me a woman of strong convictions and my fieriness can make me a defender of my loved ones (Andrew says that he loves having me on his side, knowing I will support him fiercely if he is ever placed under attack). :-) I really love being a mold-breaker and hope that I can raise my daughter to embrace both gentleness AND strength in her life. <3