Monday, February 2, 2015

from my new home: the couch

For about the last month, life has been going to the bathroom a lot, being tired and nauseated all of the time, and throwing up more times than I can count.  I am pretty much living on our couch and our red, fuzzy blanket is my new best friend.

Life has also been counting days and weeks, marking milestones as Baby J grows.  Each week brings new miracles and the hope in my heart makes the physical trials *so very* worth it.


 By God's grace I do sometimes feel decent enough to function every so often.  I had a couple of hours one day last week that I was able to breathe without gagging.  ;-)  So, instead of washing dishes or getting out the vacuum, I decided to put away the remainder of our winter decor and create a little "love tree" for the month of February.  Ferrel the Fox had to make an appearance, even though the giant butterflies quite terrify him.

By the way, Andrew calls this creation our "Valen-pine". 

And, speaking of Valentine's Day, I can hardly believe this next one will be my 5TH with Andrew and 3RD as his wife!!!  Love sure makes time fly!

I've also cut my hair since my last post.  Andrew is becoming quite a good beautician and we have a good system figured out: he makes sure everything is even in the back and I form the front.  It saves money AND is a fun marriage-bonding experience.  :-D

Yesterday was the first afternoon in two weeks that I felt good enough to wear anything besides comfy pj's, so I thought it was a good time to get a pregnancy update picture!  This is 9 weeks, 3 days!  No visible bump yet, but all other physical signs are very strong.  Very.  How I feel this morning is a perfect example.  ;-)  According to several different sources, Baby J is around the size of a green olive... or a grape... or a cherry...  You get the idea!

Thank you so much for the continued prayers...  To those sweet friends I have met along my journey who are also struggling to grow a family, please know that I think of you often and pray for you!  You have been such a soothing balm to my heart as I struggled with infertility/baby-loss and your encouragement now as I journey through pregnancy is so beautiful.  God hears your hearts, dear ones.  I love you all!!!

Hope you all have a lovely Monday.  I'm going to try to eat some toast.



Anna said...

Aww! The size of a cherry!! (I don't know why, but I think that's adorable!!) lol! Looking forward to the 'baby-bump' pictures! ^_^ And your new hair cut looks so good on you!


TrulyAragorn said...

Love you, and still praying for all three of you!

Rachel said...

Aw Rachel you are glowing! Your hair is beautiful, I LOVE it :-) Congrats on the continued healthy pregnancy :-)

Danielle Fisher said...

Rachel, I just recently discovered your blog. I've been reading through some of your latest posts and I have to say that you and your husband's journey is so inspiring! Your faith as well as your love for Jesus and one another shines through. Thank you for sharing this incredible story with us. I look forward to seeing updates on Baby J. :)
God bless!

Maiden Princess said...

Rachel, I just now am seeing your wonderful news! Your journey, with a swelling womb and without has given God great glory! You are a joy to His heart dear friend! I am rejoicing so much for this new blessing upon you! Continued prayers and praises on your behalf!
Love the new hair by the way! You are doing great Mamma!
In His Love,
Maiden Princess