Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Skies I'm Under

Hello, friends!

First of all, thank you for waiting so patiently while I took a huge mental break from blogging AND redesigned everything that you see on the screen before you.  My time as the authoress of "Maid for More" was so good, but I have changed and a fresh start is what I have desired for some time now.

Well, here you see it!

2013 was a year that ripped away at who I was.  It was a year that brought me to the brink.  God has been so good and faithful in loving me through the days of both surrendered trust and screaming at the darkness.

He has taught me that I need Him so, so much.  I have become more confident in myself, in my feelings, in my desires.  I have realized that I am not brave, but that, with His love, I can be a lioness.

 Yes.  Narnia-lover and proud of it!

You perhaps started to see it over the summer... when my baby went to heaven.  Pretenses fell away and there was a new person behind these words; someone who was raw, and honest.

She is who I am becoming.

And maybe that is what pain does; brings us out of our fa├žade, rips us open, and then, if we find our hope in something beyond that pain (beyond our own doubt and anger), molds us into someone better... not someone perfect, but someone beautiful. 

2014 has barely begun (though I can't believe how quickly it is passing already).  My life will be changing even more.  I will be stepping out into a new life, but the wounds are still healing.

My soul find rest in God alone as this journey continues.

I hope you will continue this story with me.  I would love to share with you, encourage you, challenge you, laugh with you, and grow with you.
I pray my honesty will be a blessing, a breath of fresh air.

I am ready to be who I am; here and in all of life.

I am a quirky girl and I will stop being afraid to show it.  I love random things.  My clothes don't always fit the trends (seriously, I just want to dress like I live in the enchanted forest all the time!).  I actually do enjoy movies (even though I adore my books too!).  I am an introvert with strong feelings.

I am a mess of imperfections made beautiful and free by a God who loves me more than I could ever imagine.

So, welcome!  Welcome to "The Skies I'm Under".

I pray that this blog would truly be a blessing to you.  Be sure to check out the new pages.  Blessings to you, my friends.

"I will learn to love the skies I'm under."


Anonymous said...

Love the new look and title.

Love the post.

Love YOU.

Ashley B. said...

Yay yay, Rachel! We've all missed you a bunch! I am so glad you are back and, oh my goodness, love everything you did! I adore the name- so beautiful! This was such a wonderful post, and I sincerely cannot wait to see your upcoming posts!

With love,
Ashley B.

PS- you look absolutely lovely!

Annie said...

Yay! So glad you're back to blogging, Rachel. I love your new blog look. Can't wait to read more!

Natasha Atkerson said...

Glad to see you back, Rachel! I thought maybe you weren't blogging anymore!
I love your new header by the way!
A modest fashion blog:

Anonymous said...

I love your "becoming" heart is full of thankfulness to God for how He's growing and moving in your heart for Him. So happy to be able to be in your matter how creative we have to be. I'm praying the miles will vanish as our hearts flourish. So thankful that your place in my heart is immoveable.

Hannah Barta said...

What a wonderful new title and fresh start, Rachel! Everything looks so open and refreshing and beautiful. I'm happy you're back :)