Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Favorites {No. 18} Of 2012

This week's Friday Favorites is a compilation of my favorite pictures from the last year.  So much has happened in 2012 in my life... big, important things like getting married and small, amazing things like staring into the incredible blue eyes of my "baby" sister.

Thought-filled evenings as I pondered things great and unsearchable.
 Walks with young beauties who make me want to be the best older sister I can possibly be.
Days of sunshine smiles from young, innocent children, reminding me to seek the simple.

Freedom to abandon all that chains me down to this world of sin.

A week of experiences and memories in Florida with a brand new husband.

Constantly being surrounded by reminders of God's goodness.

Seeing greatness and potential in the big things and the little things.

Glorying in God's beautiful creation.

Laughing till my sides hurt with those I love on special outings.
A beautiful summer...
Lives being joined as God intended.  New beginnings.


Old things... history, vintage hotels, big trees, and rusty benches.
Moments that I will never forget.
Skies that scream, "How great is the Lord!"

Moments of silence.  Listening.  Just loving life.
This has been 2012 for me.  There has also been lonliness.  There have been tears.  There has been hurt, confusion, and even anger.  But it has been a year of so much beauty.
Hope you all enjoyed the pics!  Have a blessed weekend!


Becca Anne said...

<3 This post is beautiful, Rachel! One of my favorites that you have written. and those photos.... are uh-mazing!!!

I enjoy your blog so much. :)

Becca Anne

Anonymous said...

Can I ask what camera and photoshop you use? Your pics are lovely!


Rachel said...

Hi Becca, my camera is a Canon ELPH300HS (just a good ol' digital camera) and I use for a lot of my editing.