Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What I love...

I love pretty teacups on shelves
in the kitchen.

I love the pin on the cup that I
bought for my mom at our
local antique store.

I love the shelves in the dining room
full of amazing books and
decorated with lovely
"little things".

I love the paper flower
I made a couple weeks ago.
I can't wait to make more!

I love this collage
on wood backing
hanging from a ribbon
on the wall
in the living room.

I loved making it last week.
I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

I love a little boy
snuggled up with a big dog
sleeping soundly.

I love old-fashioned hats.
I love how they look on display.
I love how they look being worn!

I love the dried red roses
in a vase
on the vanity
in my room.
The first flowers Andrew gave me
this last May.
Thank you for them, Andrew!!!

I love this necklace.
I loved ripping the fabric that made it.
I loved putting it together.

I love these little
rosebud earrings I created.
I love wearing them...
how feminine they make me feel.

I love this chain and bead necklace.
I love that the fact I made it recently
doesn't keep it from looking

I love the old shutters
on some of our windows.

I love paper hearts
hanging from shelves.
Delicate and beautiful...
like a lady's heart.

I love this song.
I love that it didn't take me long to learn.
It always seems to make me happy.

I love antique chairs
and music books.

I love this hymn.
The lyrics are so incredible.
It is probably my favorite song...

I love this book of piano music.
I love this group of
amazingly talented

I love how this song sounds on my
old piano.
I love that I have Irish blood in my veins.
I love feeling that I have stood on
Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore
after hearing this music.

I love that I am always a precious daughter of God,
no matter if I'm wearing my best clothes
or sweats and a t-shirt.
I love that I am always beautiful to Him,
even if I'm not all "done up"
and haven't touched my mascara today.

I must say,
I love many things.
But, most of all,
I love my
Jesus Christ.

Isn't He amazing?
Isn't He so worthy of love?
Isn't it amazing that God,

Don't you love that?!


Have a blessed Thanksgiving week!


Anonymous said...

I love your blog. How you allow it to speak your heart. How you have so much good to share. How these days are so precious to me and to you and how we spend them. How you are the first gift of my womb and the first to gracefully soar from the nest. My heart will always be home...wherever you are, for that's where I will always keep you.

Lily Marie said...

I LOVE this post! So full and overflowing with thankfulness. I too love that Jesus is a wonderful Friend, far beyond anything we could ask.
I liked what you said about always being a daughter of God no matter what we're dressed as. ;) Very encouraging.
P.S. Oh, did I mention for the hundredth time that I LOVE your blog? =)

PrincessR said...

Great post. I really liked how you did it. I pretty much agree with everything you like, too!

Yes, it is such a blessing to be a Daughter of the High King. Have you ever read "Hinds Feet on High Places"? It is an excellent allegory that I love and am re-reading. :D


Cassia said...

Happy Thanksgiving Rachel!

~Cassia :)

Jessica said...

Love all the pictures! That paper flower is so pretty! It makes me want to go learn how to make one now :D

And the picture of Daniel is *adorable* :D


anna olivia said...

The High Kings! I know those people! ;)