Friday, November 11, 2011

Of Melting Snowflakes and Little Girls...

*deep sigh of joy*

The first snow has come
and gone.
It was so light that it
melted almost
But some clung to a
lawn chair
long enough for me to
capture it.
Immortalize it.

On a different
(but not too different)

I've found myself counting the "lasts" in my life.
As my life continues to change,
as siblings grow older,
as new seasons come,
I've been realizing how precious this time is.

This morning Mom asked me to
change Bekah's diaper and put
clean clothes on her.

I scooped her little body up
into my arms...
her own little arms
cold from a short-sleeved
I held her close and
carried her off
to the bedroom.
She snuggled against me,
patted my shoulder with her hand,
as we passed a mirror,
I saw that her
little face
held a slight smile and her
little eyes
were closed.

After changing her and
dressing her
warmly, I stopped-

How much more
time do I have
left to do

I won't be here
and she won't
always be this

Just like snowflakes,
melting too quickly,
little baby girls
grow up.

And its a joy to see her
But I don't want it to happen too

So I
immortalized our
brief moment
together this

Isn't she amazing?

Oh, precious Bekah...
I wish I could sweep you
away to
so you would
always be my
baby sister.
from what I've experienced so far,
you won't mind growing up
too badly.
It can be so special too.
Just don't let to happen
too fast,

Stay a little snowflake for a while.


Melanie said...

Precious. Rachel, this post is precious. I have no other word. ~

Anonymous said...

Honey, this is priceless. Thanks for always looking for the little things and stopping at each rose to breathe in it's fragrance! Yours is a blessed life.

Jennoelle said...

This is just totally darling. It's those little moments we must remember, hmm? ♥