Saturday, August 27, 2011

Birthday Photo Shoot

My dear, darling sister, Jessica, celebrated her birthday this week.  There were smiles, gifts, blueberry pies, family, and friends.  What a fun time.  I must say though, my favorite part was walking around with Jessie taking pictures of her.  What an extremely fun time!  Except walking back home in the afternoon heat... after accidently taking the long way home.  Not as fun. 

I wanted to share these pics with you.  She is such a fun, loving person and I know that God has used her greatly and will continue to do so.  (I apologize for the length of this post... but I couldn't choose favorite pics... trust me, I DID leave out some!)

Down the alley next to our house... love our alley!


So lovely...

Gotta love when your neighbor's shed looks like this!!!!

Pretty smile!!!

This is one of my favorites...

Taking our fifteen-minute walk down to the wooded trails next to our park.

The entrance to the trails... I just love long dresses and forests...

Enter Narnia with me???

The bright sun was a challenge during the shoot, but it did add something "enchanting" to the scenery...

"Enchanting", no??

Lovely young lady...

Such a sweet smile... and she nearly ALWAYS is wearing it!

Smile... again!

Haha... keeping her dress dry!!!

And her personality really comes out!!!

REALLY comes out...

Have I mentioned that I love her smile???

So Jessie...

And she's so lovely too...  very feminine and fashionable... love it!

Rose cheeks... we always tease her about how easily she blushes...

Lovely flowers, beautiful girl.

I love this nature... so perfect for my outdoors sister!

Don't you love the ruffles on her skirt???

Maybe this is Narnia... or Middle Earth???

BIG smile!

Loving this life... so HER.

"Ye old wooden bench"

"Ye lovely maiden on ye old wooden bench"

"Ye amazing, mysterious lighting of ye lovely maiden on ye old wooden bench"

Color accent... green, of course!!!

Can't get enough of her green dress with the green bushes!

Really, can't get enough...

I absolutely adore this young lady.
Happy (belated) Birthday, Jessie!
May you grow in wisdom, in stature, and in favor with God and men.


Melanie said...

Beautiful, Rachel...and happy belated b-day to Jessie!

Also, I meant to comment long ago, but I loved the other pictures you posted of a certain someone and you. :) So sweet...and I must admit, the last one was my favorite. ;)

Blessings on your weekend,

Megan and Abby said...

Aren't birthdays wonderful? Jessica, you've grown to be so beautiful. Lovely pictures, Rae.

I didn't know there was a wood near your home! Very Narnian, though. :)

Annie said...

Hi Rachel,
These photos are beautiful! I absolutely adore the Narnian-looking ones. =) Happy belated b-day to your sister as well!
Many blessings,
P.S. Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog, they are such an encouragement! =)

Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures dearie! I have awarded you the Liebster Award! Check it out!