Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday Morning

Bekah (16 months)... I could just squeeze her and kiss her and squeeze her...
Ohhhh...  this has been a good morning.  I have laughed a good deal and am very happy to be alive today!  :-)

I know, I know... I don't usually do random posts like this that are simply about my everyday life... but I guess this is just one of those rare times.

So, two of my sisters and I were playing Twenty Questions while watching some of our younger siblings.  Our version doesn't have the limit of twenty questions though... we just ask until we guess it!  Well, when my turn came, I chose a birdfeeder.  I didn't think it would be that hard to guess since they're hanging from almost every tree in our yard.  I guess the girls weren't on the right track though...  this is a pretty good example of what our version of this game sounds like:

Jessie:  Can you sit on it?
Me:  Ummm... you could.... you wouldn't really want to though.
Natalie: Does it have spikes?!!!

Another time, when it was Natalie's turn....:

Me: Is it an animal?
Natalie:  Yes.
Jessie:  Does it fly?

Simple question, right?  Not here!  Natalie burst out laughing and it took a couple minutes to calm her down.  She explained that the thought of that certain animal flying had given her a goofy mental picture...  so we spent the next five minutes quessing which animals would look the funniest when flying.  :-)

Something that happened yesterday also made me laugh...  I was checking the eggs I was hard-boiling on the stove when I felt someone gently tugging the end of my braid.  I turned around to see Daniel.

Me:  Hey, buddy!
Daniel:  You have petty(pretty) hair!  I want wong(long) hair!
Me:  Well, it's usually girls who have long hair, honey.
Daniel: I want to be a gill(girl)! I want wong hair!

Don't worry, he's changed his mind since then.  He's pretty cute though.  And quite the charmer.  Gotta love his little-kid talk.

Oh, and good news!  Bekah has become the first child in our family to learn the word "Yes" before the word "No".  WOW!!!  It's really cute how she says it:  "Yesh!" (with some spit thrown in).  She's so extremely cute.

Aren't siblings fun?  I'm so blessed to be in a big family with lots of different personalities.  Makes me look forward to being a parent someday, God willing.

I hope you all have a blessed day!



Melanie said...

Mmm! Rachel, I loved this post..thank you so much for sharing!

I think that often times God brings us smiles through our siblings. What treasures they are. ♥

In His love,

What Do You Expect? said...

I'm enjoying wandering through your posts. It's so refreshing to find a blog like this :) I'm in love with the pictures/quotes/verses on your sidebar!
~Rachel :)

Jessica said...

Loved the 'random everyday post' :D Sometimes those are the best! Bekah is getting so big :) Tell your sisters and mom I said hi!