Friday, April 8, 2011

50th Post and Vacation!

Yeah, wow!  Fifty posts on this new blog of mine!  How fun!  Just thought I'd mention it...   :-)

This week has been great.  Despite major congestion and a horrible, junky (yes, it gross) cough, I've managed to have a very nice week.

I actually got sick on vacation.  This week my mom and siblings went away for a couple days just to have a little bit of "breathing time" before late April hits.  Once this month is over we will have little or no free time till fall.  One thing I've noticed since my Dad became a pastor is that summer is NOT vacation time for people in the ministry... it's actually so crazy that autumn feels like a holiday!  ;-)  Good thing I don't mind being busy.

Anyway...  vacation was wonderful.  The first day we did lots of undoor swimming...  I'm guessing I picked up the germs at the pool area somehow.  By day two I was exhausted, but still had a fun time shopping with Jessica and Natalie in the early afternoon.  I literally walked until my feet felt like they would fall off and I spent a couple hours in bed at the hotel room afterwards...  Mom almost made us come home a day early because of how awful I looked sick I was, but we stuck it out and still had a great time.  I spent yesterday afternoon mostly in bed and feel much better today, thankfully.  It was great to sleep in my own bed last night.

I wanted to post a few pics of our vacation time.  SUCH a blast!

Happy group in our crowded suburban!

"Why couldn't we have taken the ten-passenger van, Mom?"  Yes, our truck had every seat full on this trip... crazy!

I know, I know!  Maturity at its best!

The pool was a ton of fun.  We actually got it to ourselves for a while...  don't ask me if there was a "No Jumping" sign... we didn't look for one on purpose.  Just kidding!

Our loverly, old fashioned rooms!!!

The amazing, old fashioned "common area"...  I just love this place!

A very sleepy, sick-feeling me getting into the car for a long ride home.  Keeping spirits high though!

My sweet Mom... not sure if there's a story behind that stuffed animal she's holding or not...  love her anyway!!  :-)

Gotta love Amish country.  I actually used to live close to Amish communities and would see horses and buggies quite often.  Pretty neat.  :-)

Well, I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my week!  I'll be posting the next part of my "Learning to Trust" series soon!  God bless!

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Mary said...

Wow! Looks like you had a fabulous time!:) It's to bad you weren't feeling good!:( Thats always a bummer to not feel great when your supposed to be having fun! Love the pictures!<3