Thursday, September 23, 2010

In Love With My Jesus

I have the heat and the cold to make my cheeks glow,
 The sunlight to bring a sparkle of delight to my eyes,
The gentle breezes and blowing winds to caress my face,
And my Savior’s arms are always holding me…


My heart has been stolen. It isn’t mine anymore. It belongs to the perfect Man. A real Prince. One that saved me from the clutches of death, from the dragon, from the serpent of old. One that counts the breaths I take and the beats of my heart. He turned my world upside-down. There is no one like Him. He makes me dance and sing, and other times He leaves me in awe-struck silence. He came, declared His eternal love for me, and proved it when He gave His life on my behalf. He showed His compassion and mercy as He sacrificed Himself for an unworthy wretch. And then, He displayed His ultimate power in conquering death, by rising up in new life, and giving it to me also. I don’t know exactly when He’ll come back for me, but He promised it would be very soon. He will come to take me to safety, then come once more on a white horse and vanquish the enemy. Then He will reign forever. And I, a princess because of His amazing, incomprehensible love, will be with Him. Even after time is no more.  

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Thank you.