Saturday, August 20, 2016

favorite protein smoothie (and toddler snack)... recipe

I struggle to get in my fruits and veggies each day... I also can utterly fail in the protein category.  But especially as a nursing mom I realize the importance of good nutrition.  But here's the deal... I hate cooking and I don't always have tons of time to spend on getting food prepared.

Solution?  My new favorite protein smoothie!!!

I have been sipping one of these DAILY for a few weeks now.  They have been a lifesaver with getting in the protein, greens, and fruits my body needs.  And, at least to me, these are actually quite yummy!  I don't use them as a meal substitute, though you definitely could if you want (especially if you aren't trying to get extras in for breastfeeding).  Best part?  No crazy rare ingredients AND it is completely modifiable to your personal taste.  So, let the sharing begin!

my first step is to entertain rennie with a snack in her highchair!

Rachel's Favorite Protein Smoothie

Ingredients (for 1 HUGE shake or 2 mediums)
(I don't measure anything, so these are estimates!  Do what amounts taste good to you!)
1-2 cups spinach (fresh or frozen... read my caption under the next picture to see what I do to keep from wasting fresh spinach)
1/2 cup water
1 cup plain greek yogurt
1-2 cups frozen strawberries
1-2 tbs peanut butter
1 scoop whey protein powder (I use chocolate!)

i love getting my organic spinach in bulk from costco!  i usually end up taking an afternoon to wash, air dry, and freeze a bunch of it whole!  i just put a couple handfuls into a small freezer bag (one bag equals one smoothie serving) and all done!  it breaks apart easily into the blender later!  for the smoothie pictured i used fresh since i wanted to use some up!

First I place my spinach and water into the blender and whoosh!: a lovely green liquid that I have no desire to drink!  ;-)  Thank heavens for the remaining steps!

Next I add my yogurt and frozen strawberries (and a splash more water if needed!).  More whooshing!

At this point I do something for later (skip this step if you are just making the smoothie).  I thought I would share this for any mommies/nannies/grandmas/aunties/anythings! out there who might want to try this for their kiddoes.  Rennie LOVES the fruit/veggies "pops" I make for her from this mixture!  So, unless I still have some in the freezer, I like to pause before adding the peanut butter and protein powder to pour some of the smoothie into an ice cube tray.  Later I chop a cube into smaller pieces and watch Rennie devour them.

Lastly I add peanut butter and protein powder to the mix and whoosh! one last time.

I usually drink 3/4 of this mid-afternoon and save the rest for a late-evening snack if I get peckish after supper.

There you have it!  Do any of you have a favorite healthy smoothie/shake?

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