Monday, September 28, 2015

one month

My darling girl is one month old!

Serenity has turned my world completely upside down (hence the lack of blog posts!  My apologies...).  She is an absolute joy.  She loves snuggles and is learning how to laugh!  Her favorite times of the day are definitely when she is nursing.  ;-)  I am utterly, hopelessly in love.

A few of my favorite things this last month of my life are 

~ smiles and cuddles with my daughter
~ watching my hubby care for her
~ hot coffee with eggs and toast in the morning
~ our new rocking chair
~ the time my mom spent here earlier this month
~ my sis, Natalie, *still* being here!

And there are many other things... but Rennie is waking up and needing me!  ;-)

Thank you for continuing to follow my blog!  Hope you enjoy these pics and the small update!  As time goes by I hope to post more often.  Much love to you, my readers!



Becca Anne said...

She is so precious, Rachel! I can't get over her adorable little fat rolls on her arms. :) So sweet!!

Sarah Rega said...

How precious! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures, Rachel. May God continue to bless thee and keep thee!

Anonymous said...

I just love her!!! Happy One Month, Serenity Faye!

happyinheels blog said...

She is so beautiful!