Monday, December 23, 2013

Skirt in the Snow-- Outfit Post

Tan Sweater, Lavender Undershirt, "Boot Socks"-- Walmart
Brown Skirt-- Thrifted
Brown Lace-Up Combat Boots-- Shoe Dept.
Earrings--  Meijer
Purple Arm-Knit Scarf, Purple Flower Hairpin-- Crafted by me

I am a creature of comfort.  And recently that has really come through in my outfit posts.  ;-)  When it is cold, I dress warmly.  I also have never been a huge fan of leggings, so I wear pants most of the winter season.  For this post though, I paired a simple skirt with super-warm socks and my brand new pair of boots.  I ended up surviving the cold quite well.  :-)

This sweater is one I've had for years!  It is the epitome of warm and fuzzy comfort while still looking nice and feminine.

After a looooooong search, I found this incredible pair of boots on sale at Shoe Dept.
I had been wanting some lace-up combat boots for months (and was also in desperate needs to some winter boots period!).  I was able to buy these as well as a black pair that are a slightly different style (while still having the lace-up, girly look that I adore).  They are actually quite comfortable, much more so than other boots I had tried in other stores.  They have a rustic charm... very durable for that snow and slush, yet still feminine.  They look great with skirts and fit perfectly under my jeans.
All of that to say, I love, love, LOVE my new boots.

I shared pictures of my first arm knit scarf back in November.  I have fallen in love with making scarves this way.  This scarf took about a half hour to make (or even less time than that!).  Since one of my favorite colors is purple, this scarf is a perfect addition to my cold-season wardrobe.

I bought these earrings in a set of three quite a while back and then never wore them much.  Recently though, they have been that perfect extra bit in my outfits.

My hairstyle was a simple "double braid".  I pulled from my love of Middle Earth and Narnia for this look .  :-)  Hmmm, is my nerd showing?

The flower at the end of my braid is attached to a bobby pin, easy-peasy!!!

With a complete departure from my lovely purple, I recently painted my nails for Christmas.  Bright red with silvery sparkles on the top half.

As you can tell, I very much enjoy the snow!  Sadly, as of today, it is all melted away and it looks like I might have a wet and muddy Christmas.  :-P  Oh well, at least there was snow at all this December (and we got quite a bit!).

Have a beautiful day, my friends.  And, since I probably won't be posting again till after Wednesday,
 I hope you all have a wonderful and merry Christmas!

God bless!!!


Natasha Atkerson said...

Wow! Love this look! Adorable, Rachel! I forgot to tell you that after you posted your arm knit scarf I promptly googled it and made myself one! I have yet to post it! So thanks for the inspiration!

Ashley said...

Hello Rachel! I just wanted to tell you that out of nowhere, I just happened to come across your blog. And let me tell you: I LOVE it! I love all your inspiring posts and stories! Thank you so much for running such an amazing blog! Feel free to check out my own little fashion blog:

Thank you,
Ashley B.

Leah K. Oxendine said...

Love the outfit! And your hair looks so adorable! I'm getting my bangs cut, and this is how I want them to look. ^_^

-Leah Kathryn