Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Recipe Time... Andrew's Stuffed Peppers!

Yes, this recipe was created by my husband!  He is an amazing cook and it is really fun when he is home and has time to make a meal for us.  We had been wanting to do stuffed peppers for a while and so he came up with this one evening and I got to just stand by and take pictures!

What you will need (to make 4 servings):
Four Peppers of your chosen color
1 pound of ground beef
1 cup of rice
Lots of shredded cheddar cheese!
4 pieces of string cheese
8 strips of bacon

1.  Preheat your oven to 350.  Remove the tops of your peppers and clean them out (don't throw the tops away!).  Let them dry while creating your stuffing.

2.  Make your stuffing!  Brown your ground beef, cook your rice, then mix up in a bowl with lots of shredded cheese.  You could play around with this and come up with all sorts of mixtures.  Amounts will differ depending on how many peppers you are making. 

3.  Andrew also stuffed a big piece of string cheese (cut to the right height) into the middle.  This is optional, but I would recommend it; when it melts into the stuffing it really adds a great flavor.

4.  Place the tops of your peppers back on.

5.  Wrap uncooked bacon around the top of the peppers (2 strips per pepper) and use the toothpicks to hold them in place.  The bacon will really help with softening the pepper and also adding to the flavor.

Had to include a picture of Andrew hard at work!  :-)

6.  Place the peppers on a cooking sheet and put them into the oven for about 40 minutes.  When they are done, the stuffing should be hot, the pepper not as firm, and the bacon cooked!

Enjoy!  This meal was just scrumptious!  Andrew did a fantastic job.  We only ate two of the peppers for supper and were very full.  We put the other two peppers in the fridge and reheated them (in the oven for about 30 minutes) the next night and they were fantastic again!

  Have a blessed day and happy eating!


Anna said...

Wow, those look scrumptious :)

Nela said...

Oh wow this looks sooo good! :9 Thanks for sharing this! I appreciate it. :)

Sereina Charise said...

I'm not a big bell pepper fan, but these actually look pretty good!

Jessica said...

Hi, Rachel!
I just spent most of the morning skimming over the majority of your blog. I am SO encouraged by your godliness, femininity, courtship and marriage! Our stories are so similar! I enjoy your writing and just wanted to let you know. I'm so happy that there are other young couples out there who will be raising Godly families!
Blessings, Jessica