Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yes, I'm still among the living...

Hi everyone who may have noticed how little I have been blogging recently...

Between having a broken finger, travelling to Utah for a week, needing to rest and recuperate, and just being busy living and breathing... I have had to cut back a lot on emailing and blogging.  And yes, the broken finger is more the cause for that than anything else.  ;-)  And yes, I DID end up having surgery to fix it.  I get the pin removed on the 29th (four weeks after it was put into my poor, tramatized finger) and will then upgrade to a different kind of splint.


Thankfully, life has been low-key since I returned home after spending a week up in the mountains with Andrew's parents.  Meeting and spending time with them was such a joy.  They are such wonderful, Godly people and it encouraged me so much to be able to get to know them a little as we served together at camp and then later at their house relaxing a bit.

Since I don't have pictures on my computer from my trip yet, I will instead share pics from a trip we took to a wedding.  I hope you enjoy!  It was such a sweet, beautiful wedding and I was so excited to see the beginning of my two childhood friends' lives together.

Jessie on the riverboat we all rode on afterwards

Will and Bethany smiling as Will's sister, Emily, takes their picture

Beautiful scenery

Andrew getting the change to meet some of my childhood friends (ignore some of our expressions, please!!!)

AWWWW!  I don't know which of my sister took this picture (or how they managed to get it)...
but I like it!!!

What a perfectly gorgeous day!!!

Walking to the reception with a "blog-friend" I hadn't seen personally for quite some time.
It was SO nice to see you, Breezy!

Andrew is such a great guy.

Lovely Natalie in the car on the ride back.
(Thank you, Andrew, for driving us for hours to see people you didn't know at all!)

I will continue to blog as I am able.  It can be interesting with my finger all splinted up... its pretty tired and hurting a bit now from being jostled so much, so I'll have to sign off.

God bless!!!


The Shepherd's Girl? said...

Just discovered your blog, and love what I see...Your Chesterton quote across the top is one of my favorite ever! God bless :)

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