Thursday, February 17, 2011

Of Snow, Slush, and Vehicles...

This will be a quick post... kinda.  But I couldn't keep from sharing something that happened yesterday.

All was normal yesterday afternoon.  All was quiet... okay, perhaps that's not quite normal for us, but still...

The weather was beautifully warm.  No coats were needed in the outdoors.  The snow was silently disappearing into little puddles, then soaking down into the earth to make two of the things that adults hate with the passion: slush and mud.  Mom had gone out to get a few groceries for supper and everyone was inside after spending some time out of doors playing.

The peaceful calm was suddenly disrupted by Mother's voice ringing through the house.

"Girls, come help me!  The suburban is stuck in the alley!"

Looks of horror and dread were exchanged between Jessica, Natalie, and myself.  We pulled on our boots and walked across our yard to observe the damage.  Yes indeed, our eight-passenger truck was very stuck, turned at an interesting angle with the back wheels wedged in dips filled with mud and water.

"We'll have to get behind and push."

So, as Mother drove, we shoved with all of our might.  Yes, I know, my sisters and I aren't "big girls"... and we're certainly not athletic.  But one of the parts of being the only three capable to help our Dad for years is that you kinda become the older sons too.  We may be of a slighter build... but I know what it's like to haul washers and dryers up and down the stairs.  :-P 

But, despite our past experiences, we continued to make no headway.  The truck was stuck (I wonder if Dr. Seuss ever used that rhyme).  We finally gave up after several attempts and even trying other ways to rock the big vehicle out of its entrapment.  We unloaded the groceries and trudged back into the house, shaking our heads and half-laughing about how funny we must have looked.

It wasn't ten minutes later that Mom got off the phone with my Dad, whom she'd called to explain our problem to.  She looked at me with an expression that said: "We're not too bright, you know that?"

"What is it, Mom?"

"Dad says to put the truck into four-wheel-drive."

Ohhhhhh...  That might have helped. 

Needless to say, Mom didn't even need our help getting the truck parked where it should once she tried again.

So, what funny things have happened in your life recently?!  Isn't it great how God sees fit to send us those moment of laughter (and even those "Oh, duh!" moments) to add to the joy we already possess in knowing Him?!

God bless!


KatySue Pillsbury said...

That's so funny! As the second oldest in a 5 girl 1 boy family I also know what it's like to help with the more manly chores! =)
It snowed a foot over night and I work in the boonies, I turned aorund went home after the snow plow I was following got stuck in the snow.....and I proceeded to get stuck! Luckily the snow plow man helped me out, thank you Mr. Snow Plow Man!=)

Mary said...

LOL! Sounds like ya'll had quite the experience! Yeah, God is awesome that way, isn't he?
God bless!~

Jessica said...

Lol! That is quite funny :D And sounds like a similar experience we had not too long ago. Only it was snow, not mud :)