Thursday, December 30, 2010

What a Year!

I've had a few years in my life that I thought, as they came to a close, I really could have done without.  The year my mom had cancer was one.  The year I lost my best friend was another.  The list goes on...

I've also had a few years where I felt they couldn't have gone more perfectly.  The year I was given a surprise birthday party was one.  The year I made a new best friend was another.  The list goes on...

It's so strange that now, looking back, I'm so thankful for both kinds of years.  Both the good and the bad have helped to shape who I am as a person and have instilled a love for my Savior that might not be there otherwise. 

This year has been one of those strangely miraculous years... a combination of tears, laughter, heartache, excitement, and so much more.  In many ways, it has been the best year of my life.

So, for a fun, quick overveiw... and for your enjoyment... I have come up with pictures for each month of my year that will touch on the highlights of this crazy, wonderful twelve months!

A bunch of families from our old church got together for a sledding party.
It was an awesome day and a great send off for my family.
About a week later, we moved.

My Dad was welcomed into our new church as Assistant Pastor.
Our Senior Pastor and other men in the church laid their hands on him as they
prayed God's blessing on my Dad's ministry here.

The family eased into our new life in "Smallville", Indiana.
What shocked "city-slicker me" was how much I loved living in a small town!

I celebrated my first birthday in this new town.
What a loverly day for pictures that was!

Dad, Mom, and I put together a new "look" for the Littles bedroom.
We turned the top bunk of their bed into a covered wagon!
The set up is complete with wheels, old lanterns, drinking gourds...

Set designing and setting up for VBS.
Look at that (way too happy) director!
Boy, am I good with expressions or what?

Last instructions to the cast and crew at the final dress rehearsal.
I can't wait for VBS next year!

Okay, here's another pic from July!
We DID have this REALLY fun day out hiking trails with good friends.
Ohhhh... that was a great day.  I almost died, but it was a good day!
Don't ask.

The Worship Team at camp!
This was my third year counselling and my second year doing music there.
What a fun group of people...
Oh, by the way, the guy to the far right on the konga drums is my wonderful pastor!

August again!
I absolutely adore this picture!

Yes, I know... August again!
Me standing on a mountain top with my dear friend of ten years, Emily.
I got to spend a week with her in Colorado and fell in love with the west.
I'll be travelling out there again in May because (music please!)
my dear Emily will be marrying a wonderful and Godly young man.

I took my little sister, Samantha, out on a sister-date!
We ate out together then went to our local antique store.
Like the hats?

Our church family got together for a fun cookout and bonfire.
The memory game afterwards was my favorite part!
Hehehe... don't Natalie and I just know how to pose for the camera? 

Jessie and the rest of us finally got to hold our beatiful new cousin, MacKenna.
Though she has struggled a lot with health problems and not gaining enough weight, she is now growing at a steady pace and God's hand has been seen so obviously in her little life.

We had our local Christmas parade.
Jessica played the role of Mary on our church's float and
Joshua played one of the shepherds.
Natalie and I also dressed up and passed out tracts.

How appropriate that we end our year celebrating the birth of the Savior!
As I reflect on the Babe that was born,
I also think of why He came.
How the manger was the first step to the cross.
It makes me smile as I look back at the year God has given me.
It makes me excited to see what the next year holds.

Have a blessed, happy New Year!

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Kimberose said...

wow...I'm from Indiana too...and smallville is how it is here!

(Do I see Turkey Run in one of your pictures? :) )

Thanks so much for sharing on the blessings and hardships of both kinds of years...