Wednesday, April 26, 2017

breaking free from modesty "fashion"

black tunic - walmart, gray vest - ross, gray floral leggings - walmart, black boots - shoe dept, earrings - not sure... maybe meijer???
(quick word on the outfit:  i loved wearing this on sunday.  it was a deceptively brisk day, which explains the boots and long sleeves in these sunny pictures.  i am in love with this tunic and leggings combo and felt so happy/confident wearing them!  
AND i'm loving my even shorter hair!  i will be letting it grow out a tiny bit, but definitely planning on it staying about this length for at least a while!)

Once upon a time, I didn't really care too terribly much about what style my clothing fell under.  I had three requirements for any clothing item: it had to fit, it had to be modest, and I had to like it.  
Even as a young adult (around the time Andrew and I courted and got hitched), I didn't care about falling into any specific category.  I didn't care about trends.  I didn't think about whether something was vintage-inspired, sporty, boho, or minimalist!  Certainly, there were a few looks/colors that I preferred over others, but I never limited myself with labels.  I had a tiny closet with a small-to-medium number of items and I was very happy.  My makeup and hairstyles were also simple and consumed very little of my time. 

Then I started doing outfit posts and things slowly changed.  I began to think I needed to wear only certain styles and that some of my clothes definitely weren't blog-worthy.  I didn't get dressed thinking about my day, but rather how something would look in pictures.  I hated the idea of wearing the same thing more than once (who would find inspiration in that???).  My wardrobe more than tripled (I'm not kidding... it was extreme).  I was lost in a sea of clothing but still had nothing to wear (either because I didn't truly like items even though they fell into the style I thought I needed to wear OR I liked it and it didn't fit my self-imposed blog requirements).  I was also obsessed with my hair/makeup looking picture-ready at all times.

Then I got pregnant and spent most of that time in sweatpants/tshirts OR one of only a few outfits that still fit around my growing belly.  I only did a handful of outfit posts, simply because I ran out of items I hadn't used in previous posts which I deemed worthy of sharing. 
Since then I've been going through the process of rebuilding my wardrobe around my new post-baby shape. 

And I have realized how much of a trap I'd gotten myself into. 

At some point I decided that since I liked a few vintage-inspired blouses, that needed to be my personal style.  I would eye a graphic tee that tickled me or a pair of palazzo pants that I thought were the best thing ever or a solid colored tank top that was so practical and then wouldn't buy because they were too casual (you know, should a wife/mom really go out in a graphic tee? how is that feminine?) or too boho or too boring. 

Then one day I took a huge risk and bought a pair of pants that weren't jeans or vintage-inspired and they quickly became my go-to pair (they are featured in this post)!  I realized how much of the clothing world that I truly appreciated but had cut myself off from.  Since then I have bought several "boring" solid tops that are worn more than anything in my wardrobe (either by themselves or with layers!), another pair of Aztec-designed palazzos, and even a Star Wars tshirt (and it sure makes me happy!).  And even more recently I took the huge step of chopping off my "feminine" locks and embracing shorter hair... which has been one of the best decisions I've made in a while with its practicality and easy care (and I actually feel just as, if not more, beautiful than when my hair was long).  I also very rarely wear more than mascara and lipgloss for my makeup.  Talk about having so much more time for more important things!

I've also learned that sheer volume does not a great wardrobe make.  I'm naturally drawn towards simple patterns, neutral or dark shades, and solid colors.  They are practical and interchangeable.  It makes having a minimalist amount of clothing more doable.  And I've found that owning less not only helps my budget, but clears my mind!  Less options means less time weeding through piles of clothes.  I have a few go-to outfits that I love.  THAT IS ENOUGH.  Sure, that means repeat outfits.  But that's okay!  The problem with "fashion blogging" is that you don't want to share the same outfit over and over, so there is this need to have endless clothing choices instead of a few staples that serve you well. 

I'm hoping to continue sharing outfits on occasion.  I definitely have some wonderful clothing that I love to wear.  They are practical, beautiful to me, and modest.  Are they always perfectly fashionable or falling within a strict perimeter of style?  Nah.  My life is too full and unpredictable to be imprisoned by such things!  Plus I don't owe it to anyone to look in-style or even pretty by their standards.  Rather I owe it to God to dress modestly (so as to be honoring to Him) and to find fulfillment in His love rather than my appearance or the approval of others!  

I hope this will continue to be a blessing to those who have enjoyed my outfit posts in the past.  And maybe I can help others desiring less stuff and more joy to accomplish their goals!  As we move into our new little house (in hopefully about a week!), I will be implementing this lifestyle into everything: clothing, kitchen items, decor, etc!  I am so excited to share about our "little house" living as it develops.  "Fashion" doesn't just pressure us in only the area of clothing, but in all of our lives and I am breaking free! 

Many blessings!!!!


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