Friday, October 14, 2016

scarf weather (kinda)... outfit post

black sleeveless black blouse ~ meijer, red and navy scarf ~ meijer, denim jeggins ~ walmart, black flower sandals ~ walmart

Okay, so I got to wear a scarf!  Sort of...  Though it is cooling down here in Southern Utah it still isn't quite sweater weather, so I decided to wear one of my large, square scarves as a kimono-shawl-thing.  While animal print (which this certainly reminds me of even though the colors aren't typical of that) isn't my favorite, this way of wearing my scarf was super fun!  I got some sweet compliments and also was able to explain to several ladies how I tied it to change the scarf's function (which was simply folding the scarf partially over, tying two of the corners a little over halfway down and slipping my arms through those holes... if that doesn't make sense, you can see no-sew scarf-kimono tutorials here.  I used the second option!).

My hairstyle is overnight heatless waves/texture (I've finally found a technique that I love!  Future tutorial maybe??) with my bangs clipped back.  Easy-peasy!
Makeup is my regular neutrals with the addition of some lipstick.  I usually skip lip-stuff in favor of chapstick (more kissing-my-toddler friendly!), but I do love it on occasion.  It must be the cooler weather... for some reason autumn/winter just seem like lipstick seasons to me.

Life update:  We are getting really close to moving out (less than two weeks)!  It's a little bittersweet getting ready to say goodbye to the place where Rennie was born... but I know it's just a place and we have many more memories to create in future homes!  Thank you to those who've been praying for us!  It means so much!

So, what is your favorite way to wear a scarf?  Have any of you worn one in a non-scarf way?


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