Monday, September 30, 2013

Modestly Monday {No. 51} the sun will rise

Purple Tunic/Blouse --- Walmart
Blue Jeans, Brown Flats --- Thrifted
Blue Jewel Earrings --- from a friend
Blue Floral Scarf --- can't remember...

This blouse is my new favorite go-to item in my closet.  I have so many accessories that match it, it is incredibly comfortable, and is the perfect mix of pretty and comfy for me!!!  Don't you just love when you find clothing items that feel magical? 

The same goes for these fantastic jeans I found at a thrift store.  Finding pants that I LOVE is very hard for me... I'm tall and must have a unique body type or I just don't like my clothes to be so tight that breathing becomes a problem.  These jeans are amazing though (and notice that I actually have to roll them up!).

I think I used to play dress up with this scarf... because I have had it for just about FOREVER.  I've always loved wearing headbands/headscarves and my brand new hairstyle is perfect for them!

Earrings I've had since highschool... there are some things that you never stop loving.

I thrifted these shoes last year and they are actually super-comfy for flats!  The sole-support is really good.

So, yes, I'm sure you've noticed by now that I have made some changes to my hair.  After agonizing over potential haircuts for months (yes, months), I finally took the plunge and had more layers cut into my tresses and also now have bangs!  I'm SO glad I was brave enough to finally try this.  After a week, I still love it!

Other things that have happened since I last posted would be

*Andrew and I bought a new car!
*I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the year
*Jess and I came up with a music special (me on piano and both of us singing) quite last-minute for church (and by last-minute, I mean twenty minutes before the service started)
*Andrew and I took a spur-of-the-moment outing to a nearby town to just hang out and shop
*Oh, and I super-cleaned the kitchen... so. many. dishes.

So, how often do you try new hairstyles?  Are you more likely to actually cut your hair or try different hairdos without cutting it?  Do you ever wear hair headbands/headscarves or other hair accessories?


Danaya Huber said...

I absolutely LOVE the bangs, Rachel;
they suit you perfectly. Looking forward to seeing more hairstyles!

Have a wonderful week!

Alli Barrows said...

You are so beautiful!! I love reading your blog. It's so nice to get a peek into someone else's life (: We need to get together and catch up sometime! Love you girl!

Grace Mattox said...

I love your bangs! They look soo good on you. I usually don't change my hair too often... I'm always so afraid that I won't like it! I want to try bangs, but I don't know if I'm brave enough yet! lol I do love wearing headbands (:


Alison said...

Oooo, love this post! May just be my fave Modestly Mondays post yet... :) I so enjoy finding a pair of jeans that for well! Which may be a key factor in my only owning two pairs...heh. Loving the headscarf with your new haircut! And those colors are great on you. I too love when you fins those few and far between accessories that you hold onto forever. :)

To answer your questions: I am nuh more likely to try new hairdos without cutting my hair. And I don't to headbands a whole lot because many if them give me headaches. I might do a headscarf if I had bangs. :)

Alison said...

Oh! And also, I have those flats in black! They are from Target originally. They DO have awesome support and look quite classy! ;)

Khloe Grace said...

I love your bangs!

Natasha Atkerson said...

I have to say, your hair looks gorgeous with bangs! Adorable, Rachel! Makes me want to cut my bangs again!

And to answer your question, I cut my bangs last year (two maybe...?) And that was the first time I'd EVER cut my hair-and I'm 19! I've never really wanted to cut it, but I really wanted something different. So now I've been debating whether I should cut my bangs again, or let them grow out!
I tend to be rather boring when it comes to my hair! Up, down, brushed unbrushed-yep! LOL!
A Modest Fashion Blog:

Annie said...

Loved this post, Rachel, thanks for sharing! Purple is my favorite color and so this top just makes me happy. :) I think we have similar coloring (except I have brown eyes) -- purple looks great on you and I don't mind it on me either. ;)

I never wear headbands/headscarves. I don't really know why, it's just not "me". :D But it looks super cute on you! Wish I could pull if off like some can.


Rebecca Ann said...

Rachel, I am very prone to wanting to cut my hair at the spur of the moment. Last night I thought oh I would like to trim my hair. But then I woke up this morning and I liked the length it was again. I am very all over the road when it comes to liking my current length or not liking it. ;)
In regards to new hair styles, I tend to do the same ones over and over again. I do a high bun a lot, half up half down a lot, and mostly down with a few front bits pinned up a lot. :)
THis past Sunday I tried a new style though and I liked it. You can see my post here-

Love in Christ,